Saturday, December 7, 2013

Travel Gear: Headware

One of my travel gear necessity is The Headware, its a multifunctional piece of clothing which can serve as your scarf, headband, wristband and etc. It offers you limitless ideas!

HeadWare® is your new essential for anything life throws your way. All-purpose, stretchable, breathable and tubular (yet seamless! You figure it out!), this accessory has as many uses as your imagination can come up with (we’re up to about 20!), for as many activities as your life enjoys. HeadWare wicks sweat away from your skin, makes those hot days just a tad less so, protects you from the sun, dust and other elements, and gives a certain fashionable flair.
HeadWare can be worn as a scarf, headband, wristband, dustmask, balaclava, scrunchie, pirate cap (arrrrrr...), beanie, classic bandana, tube top, and even, believe it or not a skirt.
HeadWare. The new essential.

My favorite use of my Headware is as my face cover when I sleep, you know, I make this little annoying sound when I sleep, so I cover my face to lessen the sound :)

It also serves as an emergency  to spice up boring outfits.

And of course, head cover when I'm too lazy to open my umbrella.

And currently, it also became my camera's protective clothing. :)  

Headware have limitless use, pocket-friendly and it is very easy to find, Headware is available in mostly all sports boutiques/shops. For a detailed list please visit their website:

Five reasons to visit the Amazon

The Amazon forest is located in northern Brazil and corresponds roughly 18% of the Brazilian territory. Every year, many tourists will visit rivers, the vast biodiversity of the forest, the regional culture, in short, there are several reasons to visit Amazon, so I separated the top five reasons to ecotourism in the Amazon.

 The greatest biodiversity on Earth

The Amazon is home to the greatest biodiversity on the planet earth, its rivers and forests are home to around 2,000 species of birds, 2,000 species of fish and over 300 species of mammals.
The largest river islands in the world

Besides the largest river archipelago in the world, the Amazon is the largest river in extent and volume of water, and the largest reserve of fresh water on the planet. So much water has shaped over the centuries different plants and animals.

Tradition and culture of their people
Its people are as old and traditional as the oldest terrestrial civilizations, with artifacts dating back to six thousand BC Some of these traditional customs still remain the same.
 Regions of unexplored nature

It is one of the last frontiers unexplored by modern man, with locations where the flow of people is very low. Here nature still dictates the rules and commands the beautiful spectacle.

Natural Heritage of Humanity

Numerous places in the Amazon have been elected by UNESCO as "World Natural Heritage" as the Jau National Park and Archipelago Anavilhanas which corresponds to an area of ​​350 hectares.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Puerto Princesa Itinerary

Due to a friend's need, here's our Puerto Princesa Itinerary :)

Day 1

Honda Bay Island Hopping

- Pandan Island
- Snake Island
- Pambato Reef

Itoys Coffee Haus

Day 2

Dos Palmas Day Tour
Bakers King
Iwahig Firefly

Day 3

Lunch at Sabang Beach
Underground River

Can't remember how much we paid for the trip, but It's still on the budget. Since it's just only the two us, I arranged our activities through a travel agent I got online. We were with a mixed group on some tours and on some it was a solo arrangement.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Quick Update

I can't even remember when was the last time I posted an entry here. I miss writing my thoughts and I definitely miss traveling.

For the past months er year, I have been busy with a lot of things like work, babies and life.

Just to give you a quick update of what Ive been up to...

Let me introduce you to my new travel buddy... SETH CARLO aka "BOCHI" GOZE.

I really can't wait for him to grow up so we can hit the road again :)

My two princes 

We have not been traveling for quite some time because we are saving for one special day in our life, last March 8, 2013, I officially became Mrs. Ma.Cristina Capati-Goze.

An intimate celebration by the beach with my loved ones, is definitely a dream come true.
photo credits to: Ruffa and Mike Photography
It was truly a magical moment for us.

Though the celebration, depleted our funds, it was really worth it. While waiting for Bochi to grow-up, we'll be replenishing our travel funds :)

we'll definitely see you on the road soon! :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last Minute Holidays: Top Autumn Destinations

Travelling slightly out of season is a fabulous way to bag the best cheap holidays abroad. Last minute holidays are quickly making their way online for this autumn, making now an ideal time to book your choice of getaways.
Travelling from the end of September into November can seem like a tricky time to travel, climate wise. Thankfully, the world is your oyster, and there are plenty of places with sensational sunshine during our cooler months.

Mexico is a holiday haven for all types of traveller. Whether you are a bit of a party rocker, a culture fan, or beach lover, there’s something here for everyone.
From the breathtaking, mysterious Mayan Ruins, to the highly acclaimed nightlife scene – including CoCo Bongo – and all the family friendly attractions in-between, Mexico is the top spot for autumn escapes.

Florida has to be the ultimate family destination in the world. Most people venture to Floridian shores to ‘do the parks’. Universal Studios Resort, Walt Disney World Resort Florida and LEGOLAND Florida, are all waiting to be explored.

Cape Verde
Cape Verde is a fantastic autumn spot in the sun for the laid back holidaymaker. This up and coming destination is virtually untouched, offering a piece of unspoilt luxury in the sun.
Its fantastic location off the west coast of Africa, south of the Canaries, ensures a fantastic climate as well as sugary Sahara sands.

Egypt is situated to the north east of mainland Africa and is an excellent year round destination. The longest of the short haul holidays, Egypt can be reached in approximately 5 hours from the UK.
As well as a rich abundance of historical sites, the Red Sea Riviera is a fantastic setting for a relaxing break.
Look online for the best prices on last minute holidays 2013. Once you know your dates, start looking on discount holiday websites for your pick of the cheap holidays abroad this autumn.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Charming and Beautiful Alicante

Why would you go to the crowded streets of Barcelona and Granada if you can have the same shopping experience in a place that has more interesting places with lesser crowd? Come to Alicante, where you will find that there are thousands of things to buy and money will not always be enough here. Known for its fine grained sandy beaches and the stable weather, you can happily shop away without concern for a drastic change in the weather conditions. Alicante is located at the east coast of Spain and has about 400,000 residents that are known for their hospitality and kindness.

The main choice of transportation to get into this warm city is by flight, where you will touch down at the Alicante International Airport. This airport is a really busy airport with a lot of passengers going through the boarding each day. Travelling time is important for those who only have a couple of days for their vacation, so hire a car to cut the time taken on the roads. Alicante Car Hire always offers cheap and reasonable prices and you can always rent the car that will match your needs.

Alicante has always been known for its golden sand beaches and its clean waters, so you will be able to spend a lot of time under the sun in Alicante. The pleasant weather of Alicante will enable you to have the best beach experience in this city. Even though the place can be a little crowded during the holiday season, it will not bother you as Alicante has a total of eight beaches for their visitors. Just choose the beach that you want to spend time at and you can see what the reason is that makes Alicante a surfers paradise. Some of the other activities that you can do here are sun bathing, banana boat riding, and also building sand castles here.

So if you are really interested to come to this place, do make sure that you know these simple tips that can make a huge difference for your ideal vacation. The most basic one will be getting there early, especially if you have children coming along. The beaches here usually welcomes its visitors from as early as ten in the morning so why not come here an hour earlier as you have nothing to lose. The weather here, even though pleasant, can also be too hot and sunny for your body and eyes. Therefore, make sure that you bring a big umbrella and shades while you are here.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lala-La Union

I easily get addicted with things. Shopping, Traveling and now Surfing. We have been back and forth to San Juan, La Union one of the closest surfing spot in Luzon.

my surfer boys

It is actually a long drive, 6-7hrs from Manila and fortunately I don’t know how to drive. Hahaha! Good thing “Tamamot” – our car, is automatic. We usually leave at around 3-4am and arrive at San Juan before lunch time.

bonding with my pamangkins and the hot chick on the view :)

We have tried staying at Lola Nanny's and Hacienda Peter, and I recommend the latter because of the place and the price. Ate Pacita is very accommodating and she gives big discount. I would also like to stay at Sebay Surf and San Juan Surf Resort.

good job nephew! :)

There are lots of food joints in the area, we have tried Lola Nannys, Sea Nymph Cafe and Sebay Resort. One of the most recommended is the Midway Grill, however, you have to drive going there.

meet Kuya Nano, thanks for extending our time! :)

The lessons in San Juan is Php400 - board and instructor included making it Php50 more costly than that of Balers.  They also have a whole day rate Php800, but board only. I recommend Kuya Nano's Team for surfing lessons. I think they have the same rate with Luke Landrigan's Team but you know, I'd go for some low profile and Luke's already rich! :)

to strengthen their knees? :)

The waves here are more subtle compare to Baler, but it is less salty. Baler have spectacular sunrise but La Union offers to die for sunset. 

as raw as you can get :)

I really can't wait to be back!