Sunday, January 23, 2011

a whirlwind 2007

So many things happened this year for me... This is like the year of all my years! Hahaha!

Yey! I finally graduated from college and I am kinda proud I did it with flying colors! :) however, I was not entirely happy during graduation coz I am suffering from a heartbreak... I was so depressed the whole time but then things happened for a reasons...

Being depressed helps me prepare my body for my first ever out of town summer trip with my friends! Yey! This is our gift for ourselves after enduring 4 years of suffering! Hahaha! We went to Boracay! It was so fun! Since we are on a student budget and no such knowledge of piso seat sales... We took the ro-ro transportation! Hahaha.. Up to now i cant believe how we survived this! But it was all fun because we are so excited and its our first time! :) we really had a great time! :)

After time off from studying, now back to reality! Time to review for the board exams! While reviewing I have also patched things up with bf :) Now heres the turning point of my life! I got pregant! Hahaha! Wat a turn of events right?! Nway, my mom and dad are the most understanding parents in the whole wide world so I got through it scratch free :)

Thankfully, even if I sleep all through the review sessions, yey! I passed! :)
Lucky me, cause they say pregnant women who take exams always get positive results! Hahaha :)

Well, thats sums up my year! Graduating from school and entering LIFE! :)

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