Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coron 2010 - day 3

After our tiring day 2, its time for some sun bathing and chillax at the beach!

Malcapuya Island can compete with Boracay’s finest white sand! Hail to this place! This is really an amazing place! Too bad we did not reserve to have an overnight accommodation here. Next time! We promised ourselves that! They have basketball court where the boys can play while the pretty ladies go sun bathe! They also have big kubos where you can stay, they also have electric fans! Nice!

The island also has a view deck; it is really nice up there! Just to relax and have fun with your friends.

Banana Island is also love! They can also accommodate you for an overnight stay. The water here have stronger current compared to the calm waters of Malcapuya.

Malaroyroy Island is the best sandbar I have seen so far! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the real beauty because it’s already high tide when we went there. But that didn’t stop us from having our so many jump shots!

We really wish we could stay longer, but every good thing must come to an end! All I can say is that CORON is paradise! :) Thank God for His creations! :)


  1. Really can't wait to visit Coron come June.

    thanks for visiting my site :)

  2. June last year din kme ngpunta :)

    You will love Coron! promise! :)


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