Tuesday, February 22, 2011

from Dr. Jones to Mr. Jones

Another fun night with the powerpuffs! We tried Mr. Jones at GB5. We were seated at the couch near the door, the place was ok, good for chillax. (with WIFI) :) However, what I don't like is that beside us is the kitchens front (where the servers get the food). Also, the servers are not so attentive to our needs.

The food is ok, nothing different or special about it.

We tried the Baked Mac, I like this one! I am cheesy person kc! ;)

The Fish fillet, this is ok, but a little too bland for my taste. I still love Fish & Cos New York :)

The philly cheesesteak, dunno if thats the right name for it. I find it ok but nothing beats Elberts Cheesesteak!

The price is reasonable for the place, and we had a great time :)

Rating: 2.75/5


  1. hello Tina!

    My friend is dying to dine here, di naman pala bongga as you reviewed. Hihi

    Goodluck on your goals, let me know if I can help ;-)

  2. Hi Chyng! U should try it pa din naman, since d nman nmin in-order lahat, hehe! Baka ok nman ung iba! :)

    Thanks for ur support! Goodluck din! :D


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