Monday, April 25, 2011

16 Hours Church Hunting at Batangas (1)

Batangas is recognized as the quickest get away from Manila, for a 2-3hours drive you can kiss the sun with its almost-white sand beaches and dive the waters to meet and greet the amazing underwater creatures. Well-known for its local products like Balisong and Kapeng Barako, Batangas also houses several heritage churches.

We start our journey at 7am leaving from Baclaran, we took the route going to Aguinaldo Highway because our first stop will be The Pink Sisters Convent along Tagaytay Highway. There are lots of things you can buy along the street going to the church, kakanin, lettuce, and fruits.

Along the road to the Pink Sister Convent, you’ll also pass by the Angel Hills Chapel. After saying our prayers and some food buying, time to hit the road again.

On our way to Nasugbu, we encountered light to moderate traffic. It’s already 10am and a lot of people are going to the beach.

Landmark for the next stop is the Evercrest Golf Country Club, inside is the way to Caleruega. The road going to the church is not cemented and it will also give you a good view of Mt. Batulao.

Upon reaching the church entrance you are required to pay an entrance fee of Php30.00 each; I kept on asking what’s the money for? Not that I don’t want to pay, it’s just that I thought it was a church.

Anyway, the place pala is a retreat center/house, it looks like a park also. The place is nice and it also smells different, in a good way, smells like incense and the likes. The church itself is small but very pretty. We roam a little para masulit ang 30feysus :). You'll also pass by the Chapel on the Hill, but we opt not to stop.


  1. Hi Christian! Hehe, dme noh? Visita Iglesia nmen every station, different church :)

  2. nice ang calauega. never been there. diko sha mahanap sa map! waaa!

  3. Hi Theo, medyo mahirap hanapin sa net. Pero same entrance point sila ng Chapel on the Hill. Look for Evercrest Golf and Country Club dun ang way goint to Calaruega. Just right after the welcome Nasugbu ark. :)


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