Monday, April 25, 2011

16 Hours Church Hunting at Batangas (2)

Quarter to 1 in the afternoon and we are still on the highway going to Nasugbu, espasol and kakanin are not enough to diminish our hunger! hahaha! But really, its already past lunch and we are still 10-20km away from the city. I am eyeeing for some Bulalo and the likes, but we end up with Jolibee, cause its the closest we've got.

The Nasugbu Church is just walking distance from Jolibee. The church is newly constructed, that's why the interior is very pleasing to the eyes. I like this church, even if I think its over decorated.

Next stop is Balayan Church, which is I think is a heritage church, just because super old looking niya outside. :)

I just notice, that in most of the churches we have visited, they have the same design that there is a circular something in the ceiling before the altar. Di ko alam tawag dun eh :)

Next we visit is the Calaca Church, the church is under renovation. My engineer says that because of its old age, it has to undergo retro fitting :)

Aside from heritage churches, we also had a glimpse of some of the heritage houses in Batangas.


  1. mukhang interesante ang mga churches sa Batangas. masampelan nga mga yan one time.:D

  2. Hi Anton, try mu minsan! ok din siyang roadtrip :)

  3. My Father's root, Batangas. My second home. Miss ko na ang Batangas. I wish to go back there again, if on this year, I would be very happy.:-).

  4. Hi Bon! Wow, talaga? naikot mu nba guro buong batangas? :)


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