Friday, April 1, 2011

brain wave

Having plenty of time can be good and bad.

Good points = Badder (my own dictionary) points

  • I have more time for Gabriel = Sometimes Gab gets tired of my face
  • I can blog = I read blogs which means I get ideas where to go next
  • I have 8 hours of complete sleep = The longer I sleep, the more I yearn for it
  • I have time to go the gym = Additional monthly expense
  • I save on meals expenses. No OT means, no dinner in the office = I have time after work to go the malls and dine out
  • I have spare time to learn other things = Learning other things comes with a cost
  • I have time to think = I ovethink which leads to arguments


  1. I have time to think = I overthink which leads to arguments>>> hahaha...

    when i have plenty of time... bad thing is i procrastinate.

  2. hahaha! same here Dom, :) hows our calaguas trip? excited much lang :)

  3. kainggit naman ang 8hours of sleep mo. i rarely have that. may sleeping disorder ako.

    when i have time - i spend time with myself. but that rarely happens kasi winawarla nako ng mga frens ko, di na nila ko nakikita! haha

  4. your enrolled in gold's gym right? which branch?

  5. @chyng: naku, u should cure that disorder! ang sarap kayang matulog :)

    hahaha.. quality time for your friends! :)

  6. @Theo: Hi frend! :) any branch ung passport ko, pero most of the time nasa glorietta ako. :) ikaw? san ka?

    kea lang, 3weeks na ata ako d nkpg-gym. simula pinatubo nten. hihi ;)

  7. life is a constant struggle--push and pull. nakakarelate ako dyan. ang pinakamahirap pag marami lang time minsan is yung mga problema na dimo na dapat pinoproblema pinoproblema mo pa.kasi daming spare time.lols. too much self preoccupation is also bad.


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