Thursday, June 2, 2011

Visiting Legazpi on a Gloomy Weather: Cagsawa Ruins

Cagsawa Ruins is located is Daraga Town, just a few minutes from Legazpi Airport.

I and Nikolas are so very looking forward in visiting Cagsawa Ruins so we can practice our shots with the beautiful background of Mayon volcano. But NO, the Mayon is not visible at all.

Ok, time to go! Hahaha! Kidding! :)

Though the Mayon is not visible, I still had a great time there.

We are approach by a guy, he's name is King and since my friends are all from Bicol Region after their approval, we agreed to have our photos taken by him. He was good at taking photos with camera tricks pa.

Check it out.
Bigger than Cagsawa :)

Ok, it was an awkward position, d nman kc sinabi sken ni kuya na mgbabato ang emote eh :)

ayan na ang bato! toink! :)

The Giant effect or talagang malaki lang ako :)

Excuse me po sa braso, d man lang kc tinago ni kuya :)

i like this one

according to kuya, happy and waiting pa

inabot na daw ng gabi kahihintay, sori pero masaya pa din ako :)

Galing no? :)

We gave him Php100.00, i dunno if its enough, but I am satisfied customer.

He also gave a short history of Cagsawa Church, but all I can vividly remember is that it was destroyed because of the eruption of Mayon Volcano and it was also hit by a typhoon killing almost 1,200 people.

Where did the Cagsawa name came from? One day the Franciscan friars saw a rake with a phyton rolled into it. Rake in Bicolano is "Kag-kag" and phyton is "sawa" in Tagalog. So it was name Cagsawa Church :)

It could have been better if the weather was bright and sunny, but then again, its a reason for me to visit Legazpi again.


  1. I love it. The trick shots. I remember how amazed I was with the local kids who served as as tour guides and photographers when we went to Cagsawa Ruins last year. Give them any type of camera and they'll show anyone how adept they are in taking photographs no matter how state-of-the-art your SLR or digicam is. Galeng!. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hahah ang galing ng mga pictures! Sulit na sulit P100 nyo. Now if only Mayon showed up sana..

  3. I really hate myself for not visiting this place..ang lapit ko dito sa province namin...grh..maybe becoz of my busy work sched ang vacation ko laging time limited. next time I will make sure to visit this place.

    Great post!

    following you now hope you follow back:)

  4. thanks for dropping by my blog.

    gusto ko rin makapunta dyan sa Bicol.
    ang kulet nung 3rd pic!

  5. I love it here as well :-) Galing ng mga shots ng mga teens doon.

  6. I admire the photo tricks, hope I can also learn the art. Thanks for sharing this. Have had just followed you, a reciprocal follow to my blog will be very much appreciated.

  7. classic talaga ang mga photo tricks na to, noong pumunta kami dati, may isang bata nagvolunteer kuhanan pictures namin at hindi nagpabayad,

  8. Galing galing ni kuya sa camera trick. sulit sulit talaga. Sayang lang, shy si Mayon nito. Natuwa ako sa mga pictures. At least, I've learned how to do it now. Thanks for sharing tina.:-).


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