Sunday, June 5, 2011

Visiting Legazpi on a Gloomy Weather: Ligñon Hill, Embarcadero and Albay Park

The way to Lignon Hill is very steep, so if you are a newbie driver, you have to be extra careful. The crew even told us that there was a van who fell while going down because they change gear? eh, is it true? dunno lang or they are just scaring us to walk our way up? :)

Let's add salt to the wound! Hahaha! Emote lang.

Pero this is what I really feel during our visit to Lignon Hill, another vantage point for taking beautiful photos for the majestic Mayon. How I hate Chedeng! Hihi :)

 hai... if only...

 another sigh...

I would like to try sana their ATV but its kinda pricey, Php1,800 rental. Dunno how may hours eh.

They also offer zipline rides, but then I was feeling gloomy so I did not try it na din.

Btw, there's a Php20.00 environmental fee for Lignon Hill.

We also visited a nearby park, the Albay parks and wildlife.

Nothing special here, but they have a go kart but due to the bad weather it's also close for public use.
Lotsa turtles

 The water lilies

The entrance fee to the park is also Php20.00.

We also visit Embarcadero, it's a mall pala, and i think they also offer zipline rides.

the majestic Mayon should also be in the background if and only if... hahaha

My resolved, will be visiting again Albay. Hopefully, this coming September or next year :)


  1. hahaha! yep true la loo ang story ng van! ;) anyways, as for your no whale encounter in sorsi - guess what? NO THANKS TO CHEDENG! they all moved in front of that embarcadero, sad thing was some of the whale shark were wounded and hurt. So parang gossip girl, spotted right in front embarcadero are the whale sharks.


  2. My daughter would love those turtles!

  3. Looks like you had fun despite the weather. I somehow missed the turtles when I was there.

  4. Hi tina.

    Di baleng hindi nagpakita si Mayon nung pagpunta niyo. Cgurado, sa susunod pagbalik niyo. Pinapabalik lang kayo niyan. Napansin ko din na lalong gumanda ang mga shots mo. Lalo na yong bay side (sea wall side). At least may idea na rin ako kung kelan talaga ang time pag pumunta kami dyan sa Legazpi....Thanks for sharing this one.:-). Happy traveling!

  5. Hi Dramachine! Hahaha! Kulet mu talga! Totoo pala ung sa van :O

    How I really hate Chedeng!

    Hi Peachkins, for sure! ako nga naaliw eh :)

    Hi Grace! Yep, khet ganun, I still had fun :)

    Hi Bon! Wow, ang saya ko nman! Thanks for the compliment! :) And yes, babalik talaga ako to see Mayon :D

    - Sori guys, tina here. There's sumting wrong with my account d ako mkpgcomment with my account.

  6. boo to chedeng. last time i went up to lignon hill we just walked and zip line was not there yet. no environmental fees yet that time. but that was like 5years ago. laki na ng pinagbago.

  7. sayang nga talaga. ganda sana ng view ng Mayon no? awts. dibale. impt. enjoy diba? :D

  8. Minsan one month ako sa Albay pero never ko din nakita sya ng walang ulap yung peak, tamad kasi akong gumising ng maaga, kaya di ko rin nakuhanan dati ng gusto kong angle. Pero ika nga, marami pang next time :)

  9. Nung nagpunta rin kami jan nagtatago rin sa ulap ang Mayon, mahiyain ata talaga =P


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