Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bohol Itinerary / Expenses

Originally, our itinerary was supposed to be like THIS, but since there are lots of drama and the likes, I will be sharing to you our new itinerary that involves a lot of lounging around the room.

Lets just start with Day 2, since Day 1 is not as exciting as ever. Just checked in at the hotel and a lot of malling at Bohol.

Day 2: Countryside Tour
Chocolate Hills
Loboc River Cruise

Baclayon Church
Find accommodation in Panglao
Panglao Beach

Day 3: Panglao Tour
Panglao Church
Hinagdanan Cave
Mag-aso Falls
Dauis Church
Bohol Bee Farm

Day 4: Sea tour
Dolphin watching
Virgin Island


I am never the budget traveler, but I am desperate to be one.

That is why I looked up to James Betia when it comes to cheap traveling. For P500 to even  P300 per day all in expenses when traveling. Just WOW, right?! I know. People who knows me can definitely say I can never travel on a budget.

Let me share to you the whys while I reiterate my Bohol expenses. Mind you this is the most tipid (on the budget) travel I have experienced. I was actually expecting an earlier payday but NO it never came! Hahaha! So I have to stick on my budget of 6,000.

Also, our number downsized to 7 - 6 instead of 11, meaning, less number of people will share equals a lot of moola needed.


Dao Diamond Hotel: P350 per night per pax with breakfast
Aros Spa and Resort: P3,100 per night with breakfast room good for 8 pax

Tour: c/o RJ

Countryside tour: P2,500 + 200 - for finding accom at Panglao (excluding entrance fees)
Panglao Tour with Mag-aso falls: P2,500 (excluding entrance fees)
Sea tour: P2,400 inclusive of snorkel gear and entrance fees

Day 1:
Terminal fee: P200.00
Dao Diamond Hotel Accommodation: P280
Trike from Dao to ICM: P20.00
Tumbler: P36.00
Dinner at the Prawn Farm: P180.00 – I love foods!
Vitamins: P50.00
Slipper and shotglass: P188.00 – I buy a lot of unnecessary things
Drinks Contribution: P100
ICM to Dao: P10
Pasalubong: P1,102.85 – I can never say NO to pasalubong (present usually given by someone coming from a trip)
Lets not include the pasalubong in the total ‘cause I used credit card for it: P1, 064

Day 2
Breakfast: P75.00
Van share: P385.71
Entrance fees: Choco Hills P50
                       Prony P10
                       Hanging Bridge P10
                       Tarsier Donation P10
Lunch at Loboc River: P350
Share for drivers lunch: P50
Shirt for Hon and Gab: P250 – Can’t get enough of pasalubong
Calamay: P40 – A must try!
Accommodation: P442.85
Dinner: P120.00
Total: P1,793.56

Day 3
Van share: P357.14
Hinagdanan Cave entrance: P15
Mag-aso Falls entrance P20
Bohol bee farm buffet lunch: P450 - So worth it
Driver’s food share: P30
Accommodation: P520
Water: P35
Food share: P100
Total: P1,527.14

Day 4
Boat share: P400
Accommodation: P520
Tip to my Balicasag guide: P100 – I’m a big tipper, especially if I really like the service
Lunch: P130
Balicasag souvenir: P100 – I can’t get enough of souvenirs too!
Aqua shoes rental: P100
Total: P1,350

Day 5
Terminal fee: P20
Calamay: P100 – Since I loved it, they should try it at home din. Another pasalubong.
Transportation  going home: P80
Total: P200.00

Yipee! A total of P5,934.70 but excluding the pasalubong worth 1,064! Good thing I have a credit card! But I did borrowed P500 to my friend just in case m-short ako!

Yey! I survived Bohol with P6,000! But it takes a lot of self control not to buy the cute tarsier toy for Gab, the nice home decor I want for our room and a lot more :)


  1. you got RJ pala, thank you!
    alam mo he's here in Manila kahapon. payback time. i toured him and his gf around.. hehe nice!

    btw, magkano peanut kisses, each plastic pack?

  2. Hi Chyng! Yep, I did! Nakulitan nga ata sken si RJ eh :D

    Ung peanut kisses is cheaper in the Island City Mall, I think mga 120-130 per pack of 16's. Pero outside mga 150+. :)

  3. ang dami ko pa talagang di napuntahan sa Bohol... :)

  4. Nice Tina. we will practice the cheap trip in August. take note that it will be an exploration trip. ill send some info by end of this week. let me know if you're joining.

  5. Super sulit ng trip na to, ang dami nyong napuntahan. carry na kahit walang cute na tarsier :)

  6. helpful post! sana makabalik ulit ng bohol for the panglao tour, bohol beach lang napuntahan ko eh hehe

  7. Nice. 6000 for Bohol, pero andami ng place. Pwede. Ms.Tina, anu yung vitamins na 50php? =p

  8. OMg--inabot ako 20k nung kaming 2 ni wifey. I guess james is really effective in influencing you.hehehe

  9. wow. saya naman nyan. ok lang basta nakapag budget pa rin kasi marami kayo! nakapagsave kasi hati2x sa gastusin! :D

  10. wow! this is very helpful dear. thanks for sharing. will keep this post in mind when I hit Bohol.

  11. saw your posts about bohol, and the places are really beautiful...

    bohol is a place that is synonymous with nature... would love to go to bohol too... :)

    World of Vhincci

  12. Uy ma-recommend mo ba na kunin din namin yung tour guide nyo? Will be going to Bohol on September =)

    Copy ko IT mo =)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Hi guys! Thanks for your comments! :)

    Hi Christian! Yeah, i definitely recommend RJ! Here's his no. 09273496197/09077119727. Pero request for Kuya Jun as driver!

  15. Thanks sa numbers!
    Teka iba pa pala yung guide sa driver? Separate pa ba yung fee nila?

  16. Uhm, si RJ kasi ung boss nila. So you will coordinate with him re price and iti. Tas kunyare kunin mu service nila, he will assign someone to you, ganun..

  17. Hello po..
    Kasama talaga yung vitamins..:)
    Salamat po dito..

  18. wahhh, someone`wrote me quoting you na 500 ko lng daw natour yung bohol. hahaha. thanks for the mention tina. ma marami k png npuntahan kaysa sa akin sa bohol


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