Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bohol Series: Dolphin Watching

I am never the morning person, but when it comes to going places, I sometimes wake up earlier than my alarm. Hehe! Yeah, i know, I am always that excited!

Good thing we are already staying in Panglao, so it's just a 2 minutes walk to our boat. I love sunsets, but watching the sunrise with your best friends and a promise of a wonderful day is just amazing. 

The boat ride took about 30-45 minutes till we reach our destination, and I was so surprised to see many boats within the area and to think its a Monday. And I was thinking, am I late again? Have they seen the dolphins and they are gone away because they have been disturbed? Is this part 2 of my unsuccessful chase?

And then we saw the fins! Yey! I couldn't much be happier to just even see one! And a lot more show up! Hahaha! Super worth it to wake up early to catch this sightings! :)

Too bad you can't go swimming with them, but if you really love to try it, visit Subic Ocean Adventure. You can do photo-ops and experience swimming with them, but of course it comes with a cost. If I remember it right, this photo cost me P750 and it was just 2 pictures! :)


  1. wow as in wow ang galing naman ng encounter na to sa dolphin, really amazing

  2. grabe ang 750, pero sulit naman kasi nahawakan ang dolphin! haha.

    it was my first time to watch those many dolphins too in Bohol! but yeah, minsan kakapagod gumising ng maaga but we have to sacrifice a little to gain something else. saya ng bohol! :D

  3. kasama yan sa bucket list ko na malangoy kasama ang mga dolphins... yung nasa wild. ive seen them though in subic and kakatuwa ang galing nila.

  4. ang cute naman ng pic nio together with the dolphin! =D

  5. @Vt1: Yes, amazing talaga! you should try it too :D

    Hi Ed: Yep, sulit talaga! And super gandang remembrance niya! :D

    Hi Dom, naku, para nman nkkatakot yun. Pero keri mu un! :D

    Hi Theo! Thanks! Ang masasabi ko lang inggit ako sa latest escapades mu! :D


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