Saturday, July 23, 2011

Bohol Series: Virgin Island

Are you getting tired of my Bohol Series? Don't fret we're just a 3 post away from the end. Hahaha! Good thing there is the 7 Links Project to keep you pleased for a while.

Last stop for Bohol island hopping activity is the Virgin Island, a long stretched of white sand bar. We docked at around 2pm-ish and it was already low tide. But there are still lots of people in the island enjoying the sun, the sand and the waters. 

I did not try swimming here because of the excruciating heat, but beware because there are lots of  big jellyfish around the area.

The long sandy beach is perfect venue for jump shots! :)

There are vendors in the island selling sea urchins, pearls and refreshments. An ice cold Coke is perfect while enjoying the view! There's also a coconut drink available but I'm more of a soda gal :)

Virgin Island is perfect for just lounging around and relaxing. But beware for there are limited shady areas, bring lots of sunblocks and water!

Bohol is real blessed with a lots of white sand beaches. So for the beach bum wannabes do check Bohol's pristine waters! :)


  1. ang ganda tlga ng bohol tlgang sinulit mo ang pagpunta d2 ah... galing

  2. the place is really magnificent. *drools* you took very great photos of the place too! :)

  3. visayas has really great beaches. bohol is one of the favorite spot for this.

    on my next trip to bohol i plan to go to anda beach. but not too soon.

    daming sea urchins. paborito ng mga intsik.

  4. I'm sure you enjoyed much with your Bohol trip!

    Sobrang ganda ng beach. :)

  5. oh my tina!!! di pa ako nakapunta dyan! siguro naman di natyo frustrated ngayon. lol. thanks for featuring this! :D

  6. I agree with Dong...Visayas has really great beaches...taga doon ako kc hahaa...but really I been in bora, batangas, marinduque, subic, puerto, etc and In could say iba tlga ang dagat smin and I guess you've experienced it:)

  7. your Bohol photos are awesome. ang linaw ng tubig. perfect yung jelly fish shot mo, +1 =)

  8. Bohol remains to be the premiere vacation spot for families. complete package kasi. =)

  9. I really, really wanna go back to Bohol so I could visit Virgin Island! We only went for a weekend dati. Whirlwind trip :(

  10. wow! sobrang puti ng buhangin,mura lang ba ang mga seafood jan?sarap siguro ng urchin na fresh.


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