Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My 7 Links: Too Early To Reminisce

Just this week on the blogosphere, bloggers are raving about the 7 links - a project started by Tripbase to unite the bloggers from all sectors. The rule is simple, create your 7 links (there is a given category) and tag other bloggers to do the same. Hearing it from my fellow bloggers, I am one of the few who secretly wishes to be tagged. 

Thanks to Ca de Ramos of Adventurous Feet and Mr. Russel Wang of misterwang.multiply for nominating me to take part in this project. 

My domain name is just 2 days old and I have started blogging for real last February 2011. So I am basically a newbie at this, I know I still have to learn a lot but sharing what I have right now won't hurt.

Most Beautiful Post - Bohol Series: Bohol Bee Farm

Our Bohol trip was a lot of surprises, and visiting Bohol Bee Farm was one of it. I fell in love with the place and the food here. And much more beautiful than the post is I get to enjoy this part with my best friends. 

                                Most Popular Post - Amazing Calaguass

It is popular because it is Calaguas and it was named as the best beach by a few well known bloggers. And I get to see to it too.

Most Controversial Post - Panglao Beach

This taught me that too much expectation is not good. And each place has its own beauty to be appreciated. I never said it was not pretty, I just said it did not surpass what I expected it to be.

Most Helpful Post - The Secret Behind Vouchers

I am not good at giving directions or even giving a thorough review of destinations. My blogging style is not yet defined, oh well, just an excuse. But sharing this experience of mine have given people a lot of caution (I hope so).

A post whose success surprised Me - Amansinaya and Ambon-ambon falls

Checking my stats, I was really surprised how this post landed as Top 2 in number of views. So they find me cute in my sumo-outfit? Hahaha! Kidding! :)

A Post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved - Appreciating Life and Mt. Pinatubo 1

It's not too late for you to visit them. While writing this post, I could remember the face of those Aetas who were so happy to received a little of what we have. And this post was overlapped by the part 2 which showcase Mt. Pinatubo.

The post that you are most proud of - Appreciating Life and Mt. Pinatubo 2

Why am I proud of this: Woke up real early to catch the trip just to endure the trek for almost 45 minutes with searing heat toasting my forehead. And I finally get to see the so called destructive beauty.

Finally shared mine, now its your turn...

Christian of Lakad Pilipinas
Dominic of Escape Islands
Jarvik of Dramachine


  1. Thank you for sharing....good to know more about your blog straight from you:) Since I'm a new follower:)

    Happy blogging:)

  2. yun oh!thanks for tagging me sis!!oh i love mt pinatubo the way you was fun trekking pinatubo and humbling experience with the aeta as well.

  3. hi tina,

    Nice compilation, I want to meet and visit Aetas village din, sana makapunta rin ako dun..

  4. I didnt expect tina that I'll be nominated by such an intelligent lady like you.:-). Twink, twink. Yan ba yong frustrated? Mukhang hindi naman....hehehe. (joke)..Thnx....thanx..

  5. Na-pressyur naman ako!!! :) sige wit lang! :D

  6. yung ""A Post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved "" lagi pinapansin ko--kasi pansin ko--pag me heart yung story, yun minsan ang di napapansin.ewan lang ha.hehehe

  7. love reading this 7 trend going around travel blogs. Sayang lang my blog isn't dedicated to travel lang talaga.

    Anyway, got here through GT :)

  8. I agree with you Anton, most of the bloggers' favorite posts on this 7 link project were personal and touching stories.

  9. wow ur blog & photos + the adventure is really amazing keep it up.... how long you been staying at bohol

  10. Sayang lang di pa tinodo ng Pinatubo, walang turquoise water. =P

    Thanks for tagging me ha!
    Will write my post after my Camsur series (pasensya na I'm O.C. like that eh =P)

  11. i remembered that voucher entry. glad you shared it. hindi lahat ng voucher ay sulit. =)

  12. Uy I finally finished my 7 links!
    Antagal diba? hehe

    Thanks for tagging me! =P
    Mukhang wala na ko mata-tag dahil nakagawa na lahat =P


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