Saturday, September 3, 2011

Puerto Princesa: Honda Bay Island Hopping - Pandan Island

It’s been 10 years and this will be our first time to travel alone as a couple. We tried travelling but the farthest we got was Club Manila East and Antipolo road tripping. Hehe. The weather in Manila was gloomy, there’s a low pressure area around the corner. I have been doing sun dance in my mind till the moment I wake up.

Gabriel felt that we are about to leave him and he woke up crying. We cuddled him a little and make expensive promises. We had no time to take our breakfast at home, that’s why we have to buy at the airport, which cost a lot more. We are the last to checked-in and as fortunate as it can get, there are no available seats together.

Hello Pandan Island!

It was already 9:30am when we alight in Puerto Princesa City Airport, good thing our airport transfer is already waiting for us. We checked in at La Charica and change clothes, we have not yet finished our welcome drinks when the van arrived to pick us.

I missed you fresh air

At first I thought that we are the only one in the van/boat, but we joined a group consisting of cool people namely, Ms. Tess, Levy, Noel, Sandy, Ica, Abby, Mac, and Jay. It was a such small world because Jay and I are friends from facebook but I did not know it till I met him! Hahaha! :)

It was already 11am-ish when we arrived at the Sta. Ana Wharf. I looked and asked around about the real rates on island hopping just to compare the “should-be” expenses/hassle if we DIY the trip. We paid Php2,200 for this tour including transfers, boat, entrance fees, snorkel gears and lunch. 

What I failed to ask is the van transportation to the wharf, but I think it'll range from Php1,500 and up.
Boat price ranges from Php1,300-1,500 max of 6; additional Php250 for the extra pax
Entrance fees for Islands:
Cowrie Island – Php25
Pandan Island – Php50
Snake Island – Free
Starfish Island – Php50
Luli Island – Php50
Pambato Coral Reef –Php 50

My newly found travel buddy

The weather was real gloomy and a little bit rainy. On our first stop, we docked at Pandan Island, where we also had our lunch. The place is gorgeous and water is crystal clear. There are cottages and beach huts all over the place, tourist swamped the place. 

Me with the fish! hehe :)

There are lots of activities you can do here like ride banana boat, UFO, jetski, zorb and of course snorkeling. We tried snorkeling because it's free. Other activities are way expensive.  But there are lots of sea plants in the water, but they say the cute/colorful fishes are there. But I am too afraid of what I do not see because of those sea plants. I just content myself in feeding the fish and I love it and they are just plain beautiful. 

The most common fish from everywhere

Gills or Fins? :)

Blowfish? This makes me get out of the water :)

Almost colorful fish :)

Another almost colorful fish

Underwater shots using Olympus uTough 3000.

To be continued: Pictures overload :)


  1. Nice na picturan nyo yung mga isda. Dami nyo napuntahan, napuntahan lng namen uing Snake, Pandan and the Pambato Coral Reef

  2. You're a lovely couple! You should've posted more Temptation Island poses. :)

  3. i always love snorkeling! nasa mababaw ka pa lang ang dami nang isda, anlalaki pa. Nasa wishlist ko na magkaroon nang underwater camera.

  4. Wow! ang saya! looks like you had a wonderful time. I love Palawan, huhu inggit ako. Whenever I read posts of bloggers going to beautiful places in the Philippines syempre with matching impressive photos, it makes me proud and yet very homesick....

  5. the beautiful fishes of honda bay. i like how the fishes can be so colorful in that specific spot.

  6. I really like your photos and blog to :) I hope I manage to plan a trip to Pilipinas soon.

  7. Nice nice!

    Yung binayaran nyo sa boat tour, contribution nyo lang yun sa group or yun na yung buo?

  8. Thanks guys! :D

    Christian, para smen lang ung 2 :D


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