Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Charming and Beautiful Alicante

Why would you go to the crowded streets of Barcelona and Granada if you can have the same shopping experience in a place that has more interesting places with lesser crowd? Come to Alicante, where you will find that there are thousands of things to buy and money will not always be enough here. Known for its fine grained sandy beaches and the stable weather, you can happily shop away without concern for a drastic change in the weather conditions. Alicante is located at the east coast of Spain and has about 400,000 residents that are known for their hospitality and kindness.

The main choice of transportation to get into this warm city is by flight, where you will touch down at the Alicante International Airport. This airport is a really busy airport with a lot of passengers going through the boarding each day. Travelling time is important for those who only have a couple of days for their vacation, so hire a car to cut the time taken on the roads. Alicante Car Hire always offers cheap and reasonable prices and you can always rent the car that will match your needs.

Alicante has always been known for its golden sand beaches and its clean waters, so you will be able to spend a lot of time under the sun in Alicante. The pleasant weather of Alicante will enable you to have the best beach experience in this city. Even though the place can be a little crowded during the holiday season, it will not bother you as Alicante has a total of eight beaches for their visitors. Just choose the beach that you want to spend time at and you can see what the reason is that makes Alicante a surfers paradise. Some of the other activities that you can do here are sun bathing, banana boat riding, and also building sand castles here.

So if you are really interested to come to this place, do make sure that you know these simple tips that can make a huge difference for your ideal vacation. The most basic one will be getting there early, especially if you have children coming along. The beaches here usually welcomes its visitors from as early as ten in the morning so why not come here an hour earlier as you have nothing to lose. The weather here, even though pleasant, can also be too hot and sunny for your body and eyes. Therefore, make sure that you bring a big umbrella and shades while you are here.


  1. Wow! this place is fantastic! I hope I can go to this place as soon as possible and see the beauty within it.

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  6. I hear alot of good stuff about Alicante. Can't wait to get there one day.

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