Thursday, February 11, 2010

am i too outdated

well.. i don't know why all of a sudden i want to start bLogging.. i was just encourage after reading a lot of nice stories, envying how people share their pictures and stories.. well, even though i don't know them, i feel good seeing their blog.. so somehow i want to share some of my thoughts and stories hoping to touch someone else.. or whatever... i just need some outlet from work, from my life, and from everything! hahahah.. does not making any sense at all...

so i don't know how this thing works.. i dont even know if i can check this thing again... hahaha.. but i really want to make some nice things here.

For that to happen, I will be back-blogging.. hahah.. is there such thing? meaning... will try to post all my experiences for the past years, basically this will be all the memorable events for me.. will highlight also my travel for the past years.. :D

I hope to accomplish this for the year and so that I can start blogging for my current activities.. aja! I can do this :D :D :D


  1. back blogging? hahah.. nakaka-aliw tlga basahin ang mga first post...

  2. hehehe kakatuwa naman tina! unang post palang may backlog na.... hahaHAY! thanks for sharing!

  3. @Ivan: di ko pa alam backlog nun eh! hihi

    @Ian: uu nga, kea till now di na naubusan :)

    @Flip: Yes sir! Haha! :)

  4. Back blogging? or Back-logging? hehe Dami ko ring backlogs to catch up on!

  5. nice tina! parehas tayo been influenced by reading lots of blogs before kaya...eto we now end up doing and writing our own stories :)


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