Monday, February 14, 2011

CamSur - Caramoan - 2010 day 1

Time for something new and old! :)

We board the plane to Naga via Airphil Express. From the airport we rode the CWC free shuttle. We already had room reservations for the Trailer rooms. The rooms are big enough for 4 people. Good thing for travellers on a budget.

After checking-in, we felt the need of our stomachs. We had brunch at the cafe inside CWC, the food is ok. As expected, its a bit pricey. Check out the pool! Nice :)

We can't wait to try wakeboarding, that's why after having lunch we register to have our gears. Too bad for us because we are more than 10 in the group, and it's peak season that's why they run out of complete gears. They advice us that they will call us if our gears are available.

After our failed attempt to try wakeboarding right away, we proceed to Lago del Rey. We planned to have two groups raced for the obstacle, but this didn't happen! Hahaha! It is harder than it looks! We cannot even surpass the Pyramid without each others help! Hahaha! Effort it is!

Wakeboarding is hard! You have to have balance and strong legs, which I am lacking! Hahaha! I may be good during the orientation, but I totally s*ck on water! Hahaha! But after of more than 2 hours of practicing, I finally cross the beginner track! I didn't have the courage and guts to try the expert route, maybe next time! :)

Muscles sore, but still on the go! We had dinner at SM Naga. Bought some groceries for tomorrow. We have to take a rest early because tomorrow is another day! :)

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