Monday, February 14, 2011

CamSur - Caramoan - 2010 day 2

Woke up at around 4am, the van picked us up from CWC to Sabang Port (approoximately 2 hours of travel time). We need to be early on the port because the first boat leaves at 6am. What's different here is that the porter will carry you to get to the boat. And of course you have to give them something in return.:)

The boat ride is so long boring! Two hours of water and views! It is nice to the eyes, the view, and I have seen from afar the perfect shape of Mt. Mayon! But still, it is a long boring journey.

The port! Yey! Finally! We had arrangements with Owen of the Rex tourist Inn. They picked us up at the port and we checked in at the Inn Annex building. The road there is kinda bumpy, there are lots of construction going on. The place is ok, clean and homey. My only prob with this place is the water, because we are on the 3rd floor.

We ate our breakfast at a local carinderia at the main road. I honestly didn't like the food here. After that disappointment. On with the tour!

The rock formation here are fabulous! :) God's amazing creation again. :)

On our way to the islands I have noticed many dead corals, and our tour guide says that the locals practice fish bombing here. That is really sad to hear.

Matukad Island is love! It has fine white sand and the water is calm! What I don't like about it is that there are plants under water. It is creepy, because you can't see a thing. And since I am a fish person, I felt sad because there are no fishes here.

Lahus Island is one of a kind! There is a sandbar in the middle of island. Cool! Great for picture taking. Also, we have seen other people climbing the rocks here. But none of us attempt to do that. :) This is where we indulge ourselves in jumpshots and photo ops. :)

We ask our tour guide to take us to the place where there are abundant of fishes are and they took us to a site near Hunongan Cove (not allowed to dock in this island because it is private). We took a dip here but some corals are already dead and there re fishes but not that plenty.

We also dock in one of the island near Hunongan also, but I forgot its name. Nothing special here though, just plain white sand. Though, something exciting happened here, our co-traveller saw a snake on the rock! Hahaha! Exciting! But still not enough to get my adrenaline pumping. After that we decided to head back.

All in all, I can say Caramoan is worth the travel for it's awesome rock formations, fine white sand and number of islands! However, the government and locals should give time and effort to restore the beauty underneath the surface.

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  1. wow...nice place. gusto kong pumunta rin dito in the future. i like the picture na tanaw yung mt. mayon. ang ganda!


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