Monday, February 14, 2011

Cebu 2010 - day 1

Upon arrival at Cebu we were picked up by a van c/o our dear friends in Waterfront Lahug. Thank you to the people who have sponsored our accommodation in Waterfront. The double room is big enough for our family, we just re-arrange the beds to accommodate us all. :) Check out the view from our room :)

We had breakfast at the hotel, buffet at Uno. The ambiance is nice, the food is ok and it is free. :)

My mom has contacted her friend here to tour us around the city. We rented a van because we have kids in tow! And this is really a must for families travelling! :) This will also gives you the comfort because Cebu is hot! Literally! :)

Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House, entrance fee of Php50 per pax,

Basilica de Sto. Nino- Viva Sto. Nino :)

Magellans Cross- I thought this was something majestic and big.

Fort San Pedro- I advice you go there during the night. Because if you wanna roam around, there is no shade during the day

Crocolandia- Good for the kids, nothing fancy though, the crocs are not in the mood to give us some show. :)

CnT Cebu Lechon - They cater the famous cebu lechon and it did not disappoint us. Only thing is my dad kept on asking about the sauce. Hahaha. I suggest that they should stock some Mang Tomas! hahaha

Taoist temple - Nice view from the top! But not advisable for our old peeps :

Tabon Market - The place smells like danggit! :) You can find here all the cebu delicacies. :)

Techno park - We just relaxed here and enjoyed the park

Ice Castle Halo-Halo - I am not a fan of halo-halo, but I have read in many blogs that this was good. When we got there, the place was swamped, maybe it is that good.

Larsian - Love this place! The food is yummy! i Like BBq and "isaw" pa nman soo much :)

I am super enjoyed Cebu! and this is just our 1st day :)

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