Monday, February 14, 2011

Cebu 2010 - day 2

Today is my birthday. I really thought that this will be a disaster. Because our plan is to go to Plantation Bay c/o our other friends, but unfortunately, there have been some misunderstanding with re to the set-up. So where to now?! I have made reservations to Shang-ri La Mactan for our day tour but we are 8 in the group (5 adult and 3 kids). More or less we will be spending 20k for the day tour which is so impractical.

Good thing my mom's friend have a friend who is working at Shangri-La! And he is the head housekeeper (Lets just call him Mr.H)! Yipee! Nice! Upon arrival I was so starstruck with the beauty of the place. Happy Birthday to me! :)

He made arrangement for us, he adviced us to get the room for less than 8k. Overnight stay with the use of non-motorized water sports facilities, with 2 buffet breakfast at the Tides. Not bad right? I am very thankful we found Mr. H, without him I will be sulking for my bday or if not dreading for the loss of my 20k :)

I even got a bday cake from Shang! :)

Shangri-La Mactan is AWESOME! The place is luxurious and extravagant! The infinity pool is the bomb. The white sand is just solidly fine. And the fish sanctuary is Gods gift! Hahaha! I might be exaggerating, but I really love this place! As in! Everything about it!

The non-motorized sports are free, like kayaking, snorkelling and stand-up paddling! Love it! :)

They have bread available for the fish for free! Cool! The fishes are so abundant and colorful!

I hate it that we have to get hungry and leave the place first, because it is so pricey! Hahaha! We had lunch at I forgot the name of the place. We had seafoods and it was great. Plus we buy pasalubong here also. :) i just bought me a hat here! nice ;)

After our late lunch, we took a rest at the luxury of our room. Very nice bed and pillows! They slept while me and my mom go shopping at SM, we rode the shuttle back and forth the hotel.

We had dinner buffet at The Port Seafood Restaurant c/o my mom's friends. Good thing my mom is friendly. :)

After that we head straight to the Top viewdeck. The place is cold and relaxing. A nice way to end our day. :)

*ring the bell together as a family for good luck! :)

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