Monday, February 14, 2011

Cebu 2010 - day 3

We woke up early to savor the beauty of Shangri-La for the last time. We fill in our hungry stomach at the Tides, we did not have buffet because it is not on the budget. Good thing the kids can eat for free in the buffet. Hahaha! You can probably guess what happened next! :)

Before leaving, we tour around the place, we saw the famous Chi Spa. And Oh My Gas! The price is superb! Hahaha! My one month salary equates just one of their 2-5 hours massages. Hahaha.

We had lunch at Mang Inasal Parkmall. And it is cehaper than the Manila outlet! :)

The Pisceans with the Fish! :)

Back at the waterfront, we take a rest before going out again. We had dinner buffet again at a local restaurant c/o my mom's friends. They have the best baked oyster! Yum!

After dinner we decided to go to Crown Regency for the Sky Experience Adventure.

We tried the 4D show and the edge coaster. We didn't try the skywalk because we cannot leave the kids alone since the kids didn't passed the height test. This was an awesome experience. :)

After months of researching and reading blogs, this sums up my complete Cebu experience! Thanks to GT and our free net at the office :D

Will definitely go back to Cebu to try it's different islands! On my list are Bantayan, Malapascua and Camotes :)

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