Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coron 2010- day 1

After a long time of waiting, discussing and saving with my friends! We are finally off to CORON! I have drowned myself in researching and reading blogs for almost 3 months in preparation of this trip. But tell you, it was all worth it.

Accommodation: Coron Reef
Tours: c/o Wonders of Coron (WOF) *special thanks to Ms.Rina

Day 1: Arrival at Busuanga, we have arrange transfers from WOF and they drop us off at Coron Reef. There’s nothing special with the place, it’s ordinary and good enough for those who are on a budget. We rented the group room because we are 10 and actually the room is big enough to accommodate us, however, it only has 1 comfort room. Well, we are not here to lounge in our room, so anything with bed is ok with us.

On with the tour! Yey!

Calumbuyan Island, the sand is not that fine and it is more of off-white sand! Since this our first stop, we really appreciate the beauty of the island. There are parts of the place that are under construction, they also have comfort rooms. And since we are so excited to snorkel, we take a dip and watch the fishes. We also saw here jumping or flying fishes. Hehe.

Coral Gardens is also a snorkelling site, but we are kinda scared of this place because you can actually step on the corals, and mind you there are really sharp ones. Also, there are lots of sea urchins thats why we are very cautious on our moves. But those things did not stop us from having
so much fun! :)

Lusong Wreck is my favourite for this day! You can actually see the sunken ship! Vey cool! And there are so many fishes here. Just don’t forget to bring some bread to enjoy it more. I love this place as in! Too bad we don’t have underwater cam. And we all are busy feeding the fishes!

We had our dinner at Bistro coron, its just walking distance from Coron Reef. Great food! I think the owners are Americans. It’s a bit pricey but they have big servings and the food is delicious.

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