Sunday, February 13, 2011

Coron 2010 - day 2

Breakfast at the boat! Yipee! I can definitely live with this! We had fried rice, eggs and danggit! Super yummy!

Siete Pecados (7 peaks) is our first stop for the day. Legend says that the 7 peaks are remnants of the 7 girls who were not found after they went to party. This place is also a snorkelling site, this fishes are more colourful.

Calachuchi Beach is nothing special, we just stop here to have our snacks and of course to have some picture taking.

Barracuda Beach is love! When I was researching about Coron, I thought that this was a dangerous place to go to because of the sharp rocks in the entrance. But during our journey, it was all safe, because there are wooden ladder, you just have to be really careful to avoid accidents. Why is it Barracuda Lake? It’s because Barracuda use to live there! Maybe up to now, the locals there still don’t know if it’s around or dead. Lucky for us, we did not encounter any Barracuda.

Also, because our tour guide is so cool, he let us climb a rock and jump from it! This was the best experience I had for this trip!

We stopped at Banol Beach to have our sumptous lunch :)

Twin Lagoon, I thought this was really good based on blogs. I got disappointed with this because the place was not really maintained. There are many trashes floating in the water. What I did appreciate with this is the entrance under the rocks; you can swim under during low tide. They also built an improvise ladder that you can use if you are scared to swim under.

Kayangan Lake is the most talk about place in Coron blogs. This is said to be the cleanest lake in the Philippines. To reach the lake you have to trek the hill up and down slope. It’s not really difficult, but you have to be careful because the stones are slippery. Also, you will need here an off lotion! Especially during the late afternoon, mosquitoes are everywhere! The trek is all worth it, the water is clean and scenery is perfect.

Maquinit Hot springs is the best way to end our tour for the day. The hot spring is so hot you cannot go in it right away! From our very tiring day, it’s now time to relax our excited muscles.

Whatta day! Right? By just reading this you can feel our sore muscles, but we just yearn for more!

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