Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good seats comes with a price :D

As promised to Gab, we watched the Pyromusical 2011 at MOA. Originally, I was planning to stand anywhere we can see the show. Hehe. But seeing the venue, MOA really did control the premises. There are gates and entrances everywhere.

Good thing is that we arrived early, around 3pm-ish. I dunno why, but we did not scout the restaurant row at the ground floor veranda. I think I panicked because there are lots of people that are asking for seats and all are already reserved. Our first option was Aristocrat, but they do not have any vacancy. We ended up having reserved seats at the next restaurant, Pink Pepper, for a whopping 1.2k per pax. Hehe. But I like our seats and it gives us comfort since Gab is with us.

I always like watching the sunset.

First to perform is China, which is simply AMAZING. Sorry, I have no good photos to share (dslr is on process). All I can say is that all the people are in awe for a long time. Literally, because the show lasts for almost 20-30mins. They showcase the SMILEY fireworks. Hehe.

France has the right timing as told by my hon, because the fireworks are in sync with the music. What I like about with France, is that all their fireworks seems to be so starry. They also have sort of planet Saturn fireworks. And they use their barge as an additional effect to the fireworks. And their ending is simply stunning. The evening sky just lit up with white stars!

Our meal consist of Ceasar Salad, main meal is Stuffed Chicken and Roast Pork, bottomless Iced Tea, and dessert. The food was delicious and they have big servings. I also like the servers here because they are attentive to the needs of their customers.

The food and the show compensates for the price we paid. :)

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