Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MESA me mucho!

Since one of the powerpuffs missed MESA, we had dinner and it was also our advance celebration for Mojo's bday. :)

I always love the food here, affordable price and good ambiance! :)

The place is always packed every lunh and dinner, so I suggest that u make ur reservation in advance.

A must try is the TINAPA RICE! This alone is a meal for me! Hahaha

Our favorite, boneless tilapia. The gurls like the sweet and sour sauce, i'd go for bagoong! :)

The garlic chicken it taste like bonchon chicken! Hehe! But only better! Hahaha

The two way laing! One with coconut and the other is dry! I like the dry laing much!

Crispy Baby squid, i like this for appetizer. Sorry, we got excited to eat it! i forgot to take a pix :)

With 3 tinapa rice and drinks for 6pax, our bill is just 1.8k! Not bad, right? :)

Rating: 4/5

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