Monday, February 14, 2011

Plantation Bay vs Shang-ri La Mactan

I am torn between this two places because they are the two best spots in Mactan. And since I am bringing my family and splurging with this I should weight my options. If I can just afford to pay for this two, no need for me to choose! :)

Room accommodation: (Cheapest)

Shangri La - Php6.5k
Plantation Bay- Php8.5k (not really sure if this is correct, they send me quotation in dollar rate, asar dba?)

Day Tour Price:

Shangri La Php2.5k per pax
•Buffet Lunch at Tides (Beverage not included)
•Free use of Pool & Towel
•Free use of Gym & Health Club facilities (Sauna, Steam Bath and Jacuzzi)
•10% off on Heath Club treatments and salon services
•25% off on Dinner buffet at Tides Restaurant
•2 hours free use of Kid's Adventure Zone (kids must wear cotton long sleeves and socks
•Available at 8am to 9pm

Plantation Bay Php2k per pax
•Free day use of resorts non-rental facilities
•Free day use of gym and gameroom
•Set lunch at Kilimanjaro Cafe
•Free use of one towel per person
•Good for 9am-5pm


Shangri La: White Beach with fish sanctuary
Plantation Bay: Man-made beach? They showcase the lagoons and pools.

Who wins? As for me, i picked Shang because of its beach, but I would really love to experience Plantation Bay next time. :)


  1. +1 sa Shangri-la Mactan! I love fish sanctuaries!

  2. Me too! Love the fishes! And Thanks for ur comment! Ikaw an first ever :) Super appreciate it! :) i follow ur blog din eh :)


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