Thursday, February 17, 2011

Run Tina Run!

I am a piscean or used to be before Opiuchus (I have to looked it up in th internet to spell it), my reason for laziness is that fishes don't walk. :)

Being a probi in your new job have some major disadvantages, I am required to participate in the company's fun run! Hahaha

This is a huge challenge for me, I can't even run for 3minutes straight and now I am going to run 3km :)

After 3 days of non-stop running after work, my legs are numb and my muscles are sore. I will be very proud of myself if I make it through this run.

I am not a quitter and if other people can do it, why can't I? :)

Wish me luck! Will let you know what will happen :)

Yey! I am super duper happy! I feel good about myself! As in! I finished 3k in 24mins! :D Yipee!

5k soon! :D

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