Tuesday, March 8, 2011

25 and counting :)

  1. Graduated college at a sort-of state university wth honors by spending nights at dotahan
  2. Passed the CPA board exam while pregnant
  3. Travel abroad and riding a plane for the very first time
  4. Work for the first time and earned my very first paycheck and treating my family with siopao
  5. Change work for the first time (this broke my heart)
  6. Being a dead drunk and a smoker to a health buff
  7. Club addict to movie nights and chillax
  8. Jump off from a rock at Barracuda Lake 
  9. Wakeboarding at CWC
  10. Dream come true at Disneyland HK
  11. Experience Boracay 
  12. Buy myself a laptop, digicam and iphone 
  13. Out of town vacation with my family 
  14. Getting lost on a foreign country
  15. Established zero fund in the bank and have a credit card and be indebted for life 
  16. Sing in a videoke, if you know you'd say this is a big accomplishment 
  17. Maintain communication with elementary and high school bestfriends
  18. Eyebrow threading and waxing
  19. From 110lbs to 170lbs to 134lbs
  20. Join fun run and enrolled myself in the gym
  21. Test my patience and love to my son by him damaging my lappys lcd and iphone  
  22. Hold a childs poof (my sons poof) 
  23. I still hug and kiss my 'rents and will never get tired of it
  24. Be in a relationship for almost a decade (6months to go) with the same guy 
  25. Gave birth to the love of my life Gabriel


  1. whoa, you;re a mom! amazing!

    nice 25 list to brag. for sure it will double up this year =)

  2. hahaha! thanks chyng! :)

    Yep, I am a proud mom! :)

  3. katuwa ang eyebrow waxing and threading, Brazilian wax might be included someday ;) Congrats on Baby Gabriel, perhaps next year, I might have my own baby as well :)

  4. hahaha! I am not that brave pa to try the brazilian :) Looking forward to seeing you with a kid in tow :)


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