Sunday, March 20, 2011

Appreciating Life and Mt. Pinatubo (1)

Since the start of the year, I have been itching to go on a trip. I really want to go to Mt.Pinatubo after seeing all the blogs about the place. Good thing I have read Chyngs reply at the GT forum and she says the her friend Dom is organizing an outreach and trek to Mt.Pinatubo.

With almost a month to go, I emailed Dom and confirmed that me and hon are joining the. A few days to go, my friend Majane also confirmed.

Woke up very early at 2:30am since we will be coming from cavite, assembly time is 4:00am. We are the early ones to arrive. :)

I have finally met Dominic Ho, after months of admiring and envying his lifestyle/blog. And I am suprised to find out that we are 30 in the group tour. Nice :)

At around 4:30am we start our journey to Dau. We had our breakfast at Chowking Dau and also bought our packed lunch.

At around 7:00am we leave Dau riding the 4x4, (i am bit disappointed with our ride cause its not really pretty and nice! Hahaha! But itchokei! i'll tell you why later). The path to Sta.Juliana was soooo loooong! Hahaha! :)

Arriving at the admin for Mt.Pinatubo at Sta.Juliana fuelled my adrenaline again! Dom did all the registration for us. Talk about hassle free. We roam around the spa and did some pictures taking.

There have been re-assignment on the 4x4 passengers to accomodate all. Final group for our 4x4 consist of our driver Kuya Jeric, Dom, Me, Carlo, Majane, Jarvic and Gerard.

The bumpy ride was soooo FUN! I think our group was the pinaka-makulet! :) We are all screaming and cheering for our driver! Hahaha! So again I tell myself, don't be fooled by the appearance! Our 4x4 rocks!

The ride itself was amazing, seeing the view (though it was all rocks, formation of lahar, mountains, and water pathways) was a real beauty for me.

We stopped at one part to have a picture taking with the group. All the people with us are very nice.

Part of our itinerary is to give some donations to the community of aetas living there. This part of the trip makes me appreciate all the things I have. Thank you Lord for everthing.

They were all happy to see us knowing that we have something for them. Their smile was heartbreakingly genuine. I really enjoyed this part, wishing I could do this often.

At first I want to bring something so that I can avail the discount for the tour coz its 2.2k, but if you join the outreach you'll only pay 1.9k. But after what I have experienced I suddenly want to give more, I even ended up giving some of our baon.

We talked and asked them what they need, they say they need rice, food condiments such as vinegar, soy sauce and the likes. So if ever you might be reading this and going there. You know what to bring. :)

Stay tuned for the continuation... :)

*some photos are from Majane's cam :)

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