Saturday, March 26, 2011

Have you heard of Amansinaya and Ambon-ambon Falls? (1)

Last Friday we had our team building at Amansinaya Mountain Resort in Laurel, Batangas. The travel time from Makati on a not-yet traffic hours is approximately 2.5 hours. Going there you'll you can enjoy the view of the Taal Lake/Volcano. But beware not to take your eyes on the wheel, coz the road is steep and narrow.

The place is good for team building activities, because they have this Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp. Our HRD in coordination with the staff at Amansinaya, have prepared our half day activities which consists of the following:
The Gladiator

The Sumo-san - I am not a contestant but I tried it on, due to kakulitan and not wearing the head gear, my head hit the ground twice! ouch!

Into the blue - I wasnt able to join this because of my monthly thingy!

Jungle ekek (I forgot kc) - Obstacle courses and wall climbing :)

Mudslide - this I enjoyed the most! Due to over-excitement, I have failed to take a picture. :( You'll be sliding in a 100 meter high sorta-slide (made of parang tolda) and on your side is nothing but rocks! hahaha! Cool! (picture from

A little caution while doing all the activities here, coz one of our office mates accidentally fractured/distor his fingers (ouch to the max).

Well, all in all though we have been crowned as the best losers, we definitely had a good time! hahaha! :)

Next part, i'll intoduce you to Ambon-ambon Falls :)


  1. i remember when we went there two years ago. the mudslide was also my favorite. if i remember it right, i did it seven times. hahaha...

    sure is a fun place.

  2. hahaha! wow dong! favorite mu nga! :D

  3. Parang okay nga ah, may sidetrip pa sa minifalls =)

  4. Hi Christian! Hehe, ok nga siya, masaya ung trek ppuntang falls :)

  5. We are planning to go Amansinaya resort and it is my first time going there. How to commute going there? Can anyone instruct me?

  6. Hi! Sorry, but I can't help you with this. Hopefully, me makabasa ng comment mo. Since this is our company outing, we were provided with service. :)


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