Sunday, March 27, 2011

Have you heard of Amansinaya and Ambon-ambon Falls? (2)

I have not yet seen a real waterfall in my whole life, i don't know if the sorta waterfall in mountain that you see on the road going to baguio counts as a real falls. But in case no, then Ambon-ambon falls is my first waterfall encounter.

After our half-day team building activity, we are given a chance to laze around the pool or go trekking. Since I have my monthly thingy, I can’t go swimming plus its just a pool, you know, i love beaches.

Good thing I brought with me my cap, you see, you should learn from your mistakes (My Mt.Pinatubo adventure burned my face big time). The trek is approximately 30mins only, there are handrails made out of bamboo to guide you to the falls. We also have our tour guide from the resort.

The place is so green; there are plains and trees everywhere. Well what do I expect right? It's a mountain. Hehe. 

Picture taking while trekking.

 Yey! You see that! It’s a waterfall! Small nga lang!

Hahaha! Even if its just a small waterfall, I’m still happy to see one!

It's called Ambon-ambon falls, coz from this spot, you can actually feel the drizzle from the falls. :) Our way of saying Ambon-ambon! hahaha! Kulet! :)


  1. Hi Claire! Yep, this is in Laurel, Batangas :)

  2. yeah I just noticed the previous post now, part II na pala to :)

  3. Since you love waterfalls, I'm inviting you to explore our waterfalls in Samar and you'll be awed :) Tarangban Falls and Bangon Falls are must-visit sites :)

  4. Wow, really? I will check out those falls! Hopefully, I can visit Samar soon! :)

  5. same sentiment when ive never seen a waterfall in my life! haha I insisted my tourguide in bohol to drop us by there (kahit pa may additional charge) ang saya ko when I finally saw one! =)

  6. Hi Chyng! hehe, an saya ko nga dba? next goal nman, to swim sa waterfalls :)

  7. nice falls, sa batangas lang pala ito! thanks for sharing

  8. Hi James! :) np! Thanks for droppin by :)


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