Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first ever plane ride! Hongkong-Macau Adventure Day 2

Good Morning HK! Breakfast for today is McDo Pancakes! (free stub c/o the package tour)

We were picked up at the hotel for the half day city tour and Disney Adventure.

This was the most boring city tour ever! As in! We actually don't like to join the tour, but the problem is they do not have the tickets for the Disneyland. We need to finish the city tour first before going to Disney, so might as well try to enjoyed it. Plus the required tipping just s*cks.

The boring tour consists of us visiting the Avenue of Stars again, Jewelry Shop and half of the Peak. Too bad for us because its raining pa.

After a half day waste for nothingness, we are set-off to Disneyland. The tour guide says we should get back by 8pm or they will leave us! Screw them! Hahaha! :)

This was my childhood dream, and finally a wish come true! I am super elated by the fact that I am here! :)

We watched all the available shows that we can catch, like The Lion King and The Golden Mickey. And like a kid, we tried every different rides! :)

*we did not avail of this pic because it is 50HKD, but we just take picture of it fromthe monitor :)

The food here are so pricey, the bottled water cost me 20HKD. Good thing, I have so many baon in my bag. Actually, bringing of food is not allowed, but they are not very strict on checking the bags! :)

Watching the fireworks and hoarding at the souvenir shop is the best way to end our day! :)

Indeed, the bus left without us, but it was good thing because we get to ride the Mickey Train! Hahaha :)

Half day is super bitin, next time I will spend my whole day here. :)


  1. Hahaha! Pg-bigyan mu na, after 23years of being alive yan ha.. :)

  2. ill be in hk this coming sept. naexcite naman ako :) looks like i need to a lot lots of time sa disney. isip bata din ako, apir!


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