Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My first ever plane ride! Hongkong-Macau Adventure Day 3

For our third day, we wake up early to catch the earliest ferry to Macau.

 After more than one hour, HELLO MACAU! :)

*the fishermans wharf, we werent able to visit this

We went to Venetian Hotel (ride their free shuttle from the port), this place is love. What more the real venetian?

Next stop is Macau Tower where my friend tried Sky Diving, I want to but I cannot afford it after all the shopping I have done. Plus its a whopping 7k for just one jump! Hahaha!

We got lost going to Senado Square (thanks to the Pinoy in Macau) and St. Paul Ruins. Going here you can try the best Egg Tarts and Beef Jerky. :)

We go back to the Casino Rows for the photo-ops again, we visited the Grand Lisboa and MGM Macau. We also took the free shuttle going to the port. :)

Whattaday! :)

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