Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My First ever plane ride! Hongkong-Macau Adventure Day 4

We rode the bus going to Ocean Park at Admiralty Station.
I was so amazed at how big this park is, seeing the map we carefully plan which way to go first. We decided to take the high lands first, because all the rides are up there. (wear sunblock, because theres no hiding from the sun here! :)

My fave rides are the Abyss and the Dragon Coaster! We ride them both twice! :)

The Abyss! :)

We also play and won prizes, after spending almost 200HKD! Hehe!

I am expecting to see a tunnel with a lots of fishes but since we did not visit the dolphins, they say that the tunnel is in that area. :(. Another reason to visit this place again. I content myself with the view of aquarium fishes and jellyfishes :)

Cable car going down to visit the Panda! :)

And my favorite part of the tour, shopping for souvenirs and pasalubongs! :)

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