Thursday, March 24, 2011

Planning for Bohol

After booking our flight I was so excited in preparing our Bohol itineray, but my friends are not really cooperative at all. Aside from that they want me to find something within the budget. It’s really hard to plan a trip with a big group (11) especially if they are your friends, they have a lot of side comments that you need to accommodate. Hahaha! The result, 2 months till our gala, we still don't have any accommodation, itinerary and contact persons.

I have read a lot in forums (GT), and explored a lot of blog sites about Bohol. I have emailed/text all the possible tour contacts and hotels/resorts famous/cheap in Bohol. Though I have this sort of itinerary, it’s not yet detailed (without proper costing) and I have no idea who to get for our tour.

June 10: Arrival at 5pm - sleep at the city

June 11: Danao Advanture - sleep at Panglao

June 12: Panglao/Balicasag Tour - sleep at Panglao

June 13: City tour - sleep at the city

June 14: Departure at 7am

So what do you think? I want to save the best for last sana, doing the beach bumming at the end of the trip, but we have an early flight back to Manila. I am not sure how long will it take for us to travel from Panglao to the airport. And I don’t want to be left by the plane. Hihi!

Send in your comments and suggestions. :)

I know I can be a control freak sometimes, but I just want things to go smoothly… my way! Hahaha! :)

Sorry guys, I know its still early, pero excited lang! :)


  1. Instead of city tour, go rent a whole van and tour the whole Bohol.. Better if you have a map with you for the places you wanna go (Destiantions all over Bohol) would be cheaper rather than depending on the driver where we will bring you... You can tour the entire Bohol in a Day from the oldest church near Tagbilaran up to Chocolate hills... you can even avail lunch at Loboc River... and do all these for just 8 hours or so...

  2. Yep, un nga ang plan, mgrent ng van, since madami kme. Thanks a lot. :)

  3. wow bohol! im sure enjoy dayan. sayang i've never been there kaya wala akong mabigay na advice.
    im also o.c. when it comes to travel, para iwas hassle =).

  4. Hi Theo! Yep, sana nga maayos na eh, ayoko din ng hassle :)

  5. Hi tina!

    i suggest go early in Danao, in that way you'll finish early so you can still relax by the beach. Lahat ba ng rides ittry nyo? Basta maaga lang.. sa plunge kasi ilang minutes din ang setup so it takes time. Other option, Kung maaga kayo matapos, you can ask the van na dalhin na kayo sa chocolate hills,sagbayan peak, and kung anu pa ang kaya. yan kasi ang pinakamalayo sa bohol tour. in that way sa last day nyo before the real bohol tour, eh may konting time kayo para magswimming sa beach sa umaga. Low tide kasi ang beach sa hapon/gabi.

    Dont worry on the budget! Sobrang dami nyo, the more you are, the cheaper you can get!

    We have the same sentiments too nung nagprepare ako ng it for my bohol trip. And last year, independence day din kami hehe! But it's worth it! Ok naman sakin IT mo! keep it up!

  6. wow, thanks for your suggestion. Uu maaga talaga dapat, kea lang with our number plus the pasaway factor, hehe! wish ko lang :D

    Thanks for the info, I will make our detailed itinerary soon, and I really need a good map! hahaha :D

    Thanks gurl :D

  7. with that number, you dont need to worry. our bohol trip wasn't planned to the last detail at all, but it turned out perfect. just decide on your accomodation first. the cheap ones, get fully booked fast. sa tour naman, kahit saan dun meron nag-aalok. :)

  8. hi happysole! Thanks for the advice! hehe :)

  9. Will be going to Bohol too in August. But I'm unfortunately not as prepared as you are yet. Haha.

  10. Hi Cedric! Di pa nga msyado prepared yan eh. hehe :) will update soon, kung anu nba tlga ang plan :)


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