Tuesday, April 26, 2011

16 Hours Church Hunting at Batangas (3)

Our 7th station is the San Roque Church which is located in the town of Lemery. I like the interior of this church, because it is simply beautiful.

Close to Lemery is the town of Taal, which houses two popular churches, the Caysasay Church and Taal

On our way to Caysasay Church, rain began to fall. God is blessing our trip. But I prayed to Him, please don't let it rain hard because it'll be difficult for us to travel. And with all His might the sun shines again :)

The small town of Taal is home to the Biggest Catholic Church in Asia the Taal Basilica.

For our 10th station, we visit the Sta. Teresita Church located along the main road. We did not stay long here, because theres an going mass and we are having difficulty finding a parking.

We are on the road again for several minutes, till we had a glimpse of Mt. Maculot signalling that we are close to our next destination. The church of St. Isidro rest in the town of Cuenca.

The sun is setting and we are in pursuit of 3 more churches to complete the 14 stations of the cross.

On our way to Lipa, we passed by St. Benedict Monastery.

We felt really good upon reaching Lipa, because we are close to the finish. I know how tired Carlo is from the continous drive, buti nlang automatic. :)

We also visited the Our Lady of Perpertual Help Church, which is located in Lipa town proper.

Finally, our 14th station, the San Sebastian Basilica.

We also pay homage to the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel in Lipa.

My body is all sore from the non-stop travel, take note ha, nk-upo lang ako but I still felt so tired. I would like to thank Carlo for enduring the 16hours non-stop driving, my son Gabriel for providing our entertainment kahit super kulit mo and also to my nephew, Ellies, for coming with us.

Most of all, I would like to thank our Creator for providing and blessing our trip.

Good thing Lipa City is close to Star Tollway, exit Calamba then SLEX, super mega roadtrip talaga itetch.

We reach our home at 11pm.

Total of 15 churches for 16 hours :)


  1. wish someday that I will revisit this place tina. Nice site.:-).

  2. Hi Bon! Thanks, ang galing mu mgpicture! ynggit much! :)

  3. A 16-hour non-stop ride will definitely exhaust you. But almost always worth the sacrifice :)

  4. Hi Gay, yep! Tama, its worth it all the way! :)

  5. hirap talaga pag HOLY week,pag dika nakapagbook or nakapagplan ng maaga, you will have the dilemma of ""san ko sisiksik sarili ko?"" hahaha. muntik na nangyari sakin this Holy week. hirap pamandin travel sa dami ng tao.

  6. wow dapat pupuntahan din naman ang mga churches na to kaya lang super traffic na .

  7. Hi Anton! Yep, hirap talaga kpag wala kang reservation, ubos na kagad time mu sa kkhanap plang :)

    Hi Chinchan, super traffic na nga kagad kea super napilitan kme gumising ng maaga :)

  8. At least ang dami nyo napuntahan, ano pala ang favorite mo sa lahat ng simbahan na nabisita nyo?


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