Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Almost Stranded in Bataan

Woke up early morning on a black saturday to have a get together/outing with Carlo's family. Original plan was to find a resort near Pampanga, because that is where we are coming from.

Nearby resorts are fully booked. Holy Week is super peak season for resorts. I dunno, but people are not rejoicing naman, its just that maybe its the only time that they can afford to take a break from work and be with their loved ones.

But anyway, we continue our drive till we passed by Mt. Samat and other towns in Bataan. Till we finally reach Morong, first try is Montemar Resort. It looks nice from the outside but we cannot bring food inside, so time to move on.

We were directed by spotters at Salaman Beach. It was a sort of public beach with a not so nice beach shore. I am not part of the decision making team, so they decided the place is ok.

We rented a big cottage which comes with a room that serves as our changing room, we also have a private bath and CR. And a videoke for our entertainment.

Since the water in the beach is not really inviting, the resort owner, suggested that we go the other island called White Beach (yeah, its called the White Beach, not so creative name). Sounds interesting and promising. At 2pm in the afternoon, we board the boat going to the White Beach. It was a 30minute boat ride, but i enjoyed the ride since its a chance for me and Gab to sleep. The beach is near the Bataan powerplant.

The White Beach is not so white, but the water is 100% better compared to the shore of Salaman Resort.

The boatman said that he is going to pick us up at around 4:30pm, but he was late and told us the boat is having some trouble. At around 5:30pm, we then again board the boat going back to Salaman. Our boat is going slow, compared to other boats. Twice or thrice the time our motor died. And also, since its getting late, the waves are getting stronger.

Everytime the boat died, I fear for our safety. I called it my Black Saturday Scare. This was the first time that I am not at home on a Black Saturday, traditionally our family stayed at home and wait for Christ to rise again.

I keep on saying to myself that no matter what, God is with us. I am not pessimistic or negative, it's just that it's my first time to be almost stranded on boat carrying Gab. I kept on thinking, will I put on his life vest? hahaha, morbid na nanay!

Good thing there is another boat close to us, the boatmen communicated and they anchor the boats. Ang kulet, our boat is in tow! I was truthfully scared at that time, that's why I forgot to take pictures of everything, even the very nice sunset.

I have never felt so relieve to dock again. Thank God for taking care of us.

There will many times when we will board the boat together, Me, Carlo and Gabriel. But I will definitely make sure that the boat is 101% functioning.

Seeing Gab enjoy the sand is priceless.


  1. hahaha! Adventure tlga, to the highest level ang adrenaline ko eh :) Kabado kasi :)

  2. buti naman at ganun lang. the beach looks nice. my family also went to zambales but i forgot the name of the resort.

  3. uu nga, very thankful tlga ako at un lang ngyari :)

  4. hehe, niremind ka ni God na wag na magtravel on a black saturday? =)

    di naman tataob yung bangka, yun lang namatay yung motor. stranded galore ito! hihi

  5. Glad you all made it back safely, on the brighter side of things, you have an interesting story to take home with you :)

  6. good that you're all safe.
    haha very creative nga ang name "White beach", parang sangkatutak na merong ganyang panagalan sa Pinas. But I miss going on beaches like the 1st one. when you've been to many beautiful beaches here in th Philippines, mahirap na tlga ma satisfy yung standard ng "good beach" pero sometimes I kinda miss the ordinary beaches, the brown, gray and black sand beaches like those in our province kakasawa din puro white sand beach. hehe

  7. Uu Chyng, parang gnun na nga! :)

    Haha, morbid lang ako tlga that time, kc nga kasama ko pa baby ko tas muntik tlga kme m-stranded :)

  8. Hi Claire, correct ka dyan :)

  9. Hi Gael, naisip ko din nga yan eh. Since nakita ko na ung ibang ok na beach, tumaas na standard ko. Pero dapat nde maging choosy kc we have to appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each :)

  10. Hi, Tina. Thanks a lot for dropping by my site so I can find you here. Love your entries. Have a nice day. Will include you in my links. Thanks :)

  11. Hi din! Yey! Thanks, let's exchange links, will put you on my blogroll too :)


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