Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From dumb to dumbest!

Hahaha! Laughing at myself superb!

Here it is, since I have seen that I incorrectly spelled Traveler with a double “L”, I changed my blog site feed, not knowing the consequences. I just thought that I am just correcting my mild error. Hahaha!

After 3days of not blogging, I check my stats, thought I am not expecting a lot of hits. Tanchararran! I got 2 hits. Hahaha! Why 2 lang kaya? I was wondering, then I checked my referring sites, then boom.

Because I changed my site feed, all referring sites used my incorrectly spelled feed. Hahaha!

So guys, if you happened to came across this post of mine and you have me in your blog roll, kindly pretty please update my site feed. I will super appreciate it! Thanks in advance! :) :) :)


  1. haha!
    dont worry, when I bought my own domain, i lost my page rank too. =)

  2. Hi Chyng! Thanks! :)

    Naku, I need to learn pa about the domain ekek, la pa ako idea about it :) hihi

  3. hi tina, actually pwede both yung traveler and traveller. depends on you lang :D

    and don't worry din re: your subscribers, they'll come to you no matter what! :)

  4. Hi ed, hehe, pwede ba tlga? nde ba siya misspelled kpag double "L"? :) hihi

    but nwei, thanks! :)


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