Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Nikolas and friends

When I start blogging, all I can rave about is how nice the place and adventure my fellow bloggers (ay, nkk-fellow oh, haha! this is my page naman, so let it be) experience. And aside from that, how I drool over how amazing their pictures are. And since I-am-a-wanna-be traveler/blogger, I would also like to share some nice pictures. But not just out of envy, I want to do it for myself.

Let me also share my other frustration, drawing. Hahaha! I am an illiterate when it comes to creating something that includes creativity and hands. I really don’t know why. I am not a lefty, my creative brain is not that active. But I am not claiming I am logical too.

I bought my first camera when I was in college, a Kodak something, I forgot the model. Hihi. I bought this for P4,5k, through a friend. During that time, it was an It-thing na din, coz it have a memory card.

Then came the video cameras, haha! I am not techy or anything, but I like to have one. So after a lot of pangungulet with my mom, she finally gave in. She bought me a Sony DCR-DVD605. I think she bought this for P36k, up to now I am fully utilizing this cam. It has a cd that you can already direct to a player. The video quality is ok, but the picture is a no-no.

Because of neglect, my Kodak cam died on me. Hehe. Before, I use cameras just for the sake of taking pictures, as long as I can remember when and where I took that picture its okay with me. But people change and so what I like.

Last March I bought my point and shoot cam, Ixie (Canon Ixus 120IS), for P14k at Jeptall in Robinsons Pioneer. Ixie, have been with me on most of my travels at Cebu, Coron and CamSur. Most of the time, it’s on automatic mode, just recently I have tried to adjust its setting and nothing happened much! Hahaha! I am satisfied with his performance naman, but you know, the urge is still there.

Finally, thanks to my new employer, I have found my new boy toy, Nikolas (Nikon D5000). Hihi! Bought it at Kimstore for P29k (with free 4gb SD Card, tripod and screen guard). After so many hours of researching and reading reviews, I decided to buy Nikolas because aside from its within my budget, some of my friends owning the same model are happy with it naman.

I also bought a Lowepro bag, UV filter and CPL filter. Kunyari marunong ako gumamit! hahaha!

I have not yet spent quality time with Nikolas, but for sure, there’s gonna be plenty. :)


  1. dame mu namang gadgets! kainggit! =) i wanna buy a video cam, I think video is essential na sa blogging ngaun. yan ang susunod kong pag-iipunan. =)

  2. Hi Gael! Naku, mas kainggit ka kasi ang dme mung travels! hahaha! :)

  3. nice!!! i have the same sentiments too nung bago palang ako, kaya napabili din ng slr. by the way anu pala yung pinapabago mo sa url mo sa blog ko? could you gave me the exact link?

  4. hahaha, uu nga eh! ang kulet, masabi lang mkpg-picture eh. :)

    Ginawa ko lang single "L" ung "traveller". Wrong spelling kc.. :)

  5. wow, d5000! swak na swak na yan! ako i want to do video blogging too! marami pa rin akong pag-iipunanan. baka LX3 lang siguro sa lumix pero mamaya na muna kasi dami pang binabayaran utang. wahahaha

  6. nice cam tina!puedeng puede na yan sa calaguas!

  7. hi ed! wow, gusto ko din yang LX3 :)

    hi theo! tamaaah! hihi! cant wait for our calaguas trip :)

  8. Hi Happy Wife! I bet Nikon din siya? :)

  9. wow... dami mong gadgets... checking out the multiply store that you shared :-)

  10. i enjoyed reading your blog my dear..was searching for what dslr to buy..was brought i know what to get..thank you !


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