Tuesday, April 12, 2011


It's already mid April and I am still confined within the many walls of our office.

What’s happening?

Where is my summer escapade?

The I wanna-be traveler mode is crawling its way in my blood.

But… Where to go? What to see? When to go?

My frustration for traveling is eating me up.

I am dying to hear the sound of the waves.

My skin yearns for kiss of the sun in the open waters.

I crave for the tickling sensation given by the powdery white sand.

My eyes desire to only see the greens and blues.

I loathe counting the days and nights till it’s time for me to go and feel my blood rush.


  1. Nice thpught. Who written this. I am really impressed with this. I will share this to my mates.

  2. Hi! Thanks, written by yours truly. :)

  3. honga---what are you waiting for? dont tell me rainy days? lols. take advantage of the sun, and I AM ALIVE MOMENTS na!!! mahal na araw na oh.

  4. hahaha! tama! hai naku friend, how I wish mk-gora na din ako, kea lang, d pa ko regular! boo! hahaha! wala pa ko karapatan umabsent eh.. :)

  5. larga na! bukas makakalarga na rin ako sa wakas! =)

  6. di pa rin ako nakakapagbeach. summer na nga sana. toinks. :D

  7. Tara na, biyahe tayo! Mula Basco hanggang Jolo!
    Nang makilala ng husto, ang ating kapwa-Pilipino!


  8. Hi Ed! Sana nga humaba pa ang summer :)

    Hi Fetus! hihi! gusto ko yan! kung pwede nga lang eh :)


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