Friday, May 20, 2011

Amazing Calaguas :)

All the ass numbing journey to Calaguas was worth it. The scenery was perfect and the weather is just blessed. :)

But upon arrival, I have not yet appreciate the beauty before me because I was so dead hungry. As in! We had our breakfast when we reach the port at 7:30am and I only had a cup of noodles and it was not enough to last me till 1pm. Good thing we docked at around 12:30pm, just in time! :)  Since we avail of the package, we have no problem with the food. Ah, the convenience of paying.

Finally, my stomach is full, now my brain is fully functional. All I can say about Calaguas is just WOW. The colors are picture perfect. The powdery white sand is heaven to my feet. I was actually starstrucked by the place, it leaves me speechless and stunned.

However, I was not expecting a lot of people and tents to be on the island, but since it is summer and the beach is wide and long, I don't mind sharing :)

The water is very inviting and very comforting to the scorching heat. And Gabriel really enjoyed the water and sand this time. The more reason to love Calaguas.

After dinner Dominic asked the group to form a circle for the bonfire bonding session. And it was all fun, the Q&A portions, getting to know each other was also a memorable experience especially done with the background of the sea breeze.

 Annabelle Rama or Heart Evangelista?

Too bad I have to tucked Gab to sleep and on the process fell asleep too, so I think I missed a lot of chika but then there will always be next time. Sleeping under a Palm tree in a tent with Gabriel and Carlo (his more on the oustide part) is an experience I will treasure, also it was my very first time to do camping outside the beach.

I was also expecting complete blackness, no sources of light but just the moon, but again, there are generators that provide lightings and I don't mind it all too, it is more convenient for us.

Also, there is a band playing, I dunno if there is some event or what. Carlo says he was irritated by the band because of the songs they played, but I don't mind it too since I fell asleep and i have not heard them at all. :)

And honestly, I was not expecting to meet Calaguas this year, but hey! I did! :)

I am very thankful that it did not rain during the night and that there are not much insects to bite Gabriel. hehe. My sleep was heavenly satisfying and waking up with the wonderful view is simply delightful.
Will I be going back to Calaguas and endure that long hour drive with your friends? YES, DEFINITELY, I CAN'T WAIT! :)

 Thanks Kuya Toto and Ate Jen for the soo daming kakanin :)

I would like to thank Dominic again for organizing the event and the group for making our trip enjoyable and memorable! :)

See you soon again Calaguas :)


  1. kudos kina sir toto anad ms.jen! yang couple na yan ang travel buddies ko sa Batad, Banaue.
    daming pagkain! sarap kasama! hehe

  2. How much was the package tour of Dominic Tina?

  3. I'm gonna go back to calaguas:) this time around i'll swim hahaha super nice!!! plus you guys were there :)

  4. Hi Chyng, tama busog ka tlga sa company nila :)

    Hi Claire, 3.3k all in from Makati :)

    Tama Jarvic, balik uler tau para mkswim k nman :)

    Hi ka bute, the water is gorgeous you shud try it ;)

  5. ass numbing tlaga ang travel. hehe. how long? ^_^

  6. hi! mga 10-11 hours ata from Makati :)

  7. congrats, i know you;ve been wanting to see Calaguas for the longest time, too bad, d ako nakasama, could've met you na sana.

  8. Hi Christian! Yep, 3.3k lang, from Friday night to Sunday night :) It includes 4 meals and transpo and tents :)

    Hi Gael, sayang nga talaga! I really hope to meet you soon :)

  9. Wow! The best yung bonding session. Ang saya just by looking at your photos. :)

  10. Yep, super enjoy talaga ung bonding session :)

  11. Don't worry, sleeping under a palm tree (so long as you don't get hit by a falling fruit) is far more precious than whatever chika you have missed. :)

    The beach looks wide, but still, I'm very selfish when it comes to beaches. I don't like sharing. Hehe

    Lovely post. Mental note: include Calaguas in travel plans.

  12. Hi AJ, actually before I slept, I prayed that the buko won't fall :)

  13. waaah--nalungkot ako bigla--nasa list ko yan this summer kaso nagsidating na mga bagyo---diko pa nagawa!!!waaahhhh. buti pa si baby.ang cute ng anak mo.:D

  14. Hi Anton! Don't worry marame pa ng summer!

    Thanks, super ng-enjoy nga siya eh :)

  15. amazing indeed!love the place and the company. see you next adventure tins!

  16. calaguas! WOW the vibrant colors of the beach+sky is very inviting! How i wish i can go there!!! :)

  17. A very memorable experience to treasure and cherish for a lifetime.:-). Calaguas is really that stress buster, a perfect get away destination. Congrats Tina for capturing calaguas, sana kami rin makapunta dyan.:-).

  18. i actually was disappointed. it was not the calaguas that ive seen on my first two visit. the spot which we were was actually the problem. the calaguas that youll love is the west side of the beach. on your return, make sure you get the west spot.

    the band and all those noise... was just bad.

    buti na lang masasaya ang mga kasama at naging masaya pa rin ang byahe.

  19. Oh, Calaguas! I was there two weeks before you went :) And unfortunately I booked with the travel organizer who hires the band that plays there. Never liked it, since I was there because of the rustic charm of the beach. Buti na lang the beach and the clear sea more than made up for it.

    Did you go island-hopping? That was one of my best moments in Calaguas, especially when we trekked in one of the hills on one of the islands. I wouldn't mind the long travel, I want to go back! Kaya lang bagyo/rainy season na :( I love it so much I wrote 5 posts about it hehe :p

  20. Hi Theo! See you in our next trip! Can't wait! sama ako sa mga topload experiences niyo! hahaha :)

    Hi Missy, plan your trip maybe next year na kc advisable daw to go in summer. Go before siya m-pollute :)

    Hi Bon, thanks! Super unforgettable ang trip especially if you are with the best people! :)

    Hi Dom, yeah, the band really s*cks! but then, you guys compensate for it :)

    Hi Joanna, you're right, the band totally ruin the ambiance, but then again, the sand, the water and the colors are amazing! :)

    Naku, we did not try island hopping becoz of the limited time. Overnight lang kc, well, it's just a reason to go back again. Will check ur post! :)

  21. Wow. Never been! Is the sand really that powdery like in the pictures? :)

    Oh and BTW, were you on the same Calaguas group as my friend Shattershards? :)

  22. Hi Lloyd, yes, the sand is powdery white. And yep, I am in the same group with Joshua :)

  23. i want to go to calaguas..hays...inggit much! next year sana with some of my friends. kahilo ba sa byahe? pwede bang sumama na lang sa group? super nice blog..keep it up! :)

  24. Let,s do it again next Summer :). Anabel Rama pa rin ako :)


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