Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ass numbing trip to Calaguas is not for the faint hearted (1/2)

For the past days, everytime I woke up I check the weather and the weather forecast hoping for a clear sky.

I have sent messages to Dominic confirming if the trip was still on. And as always my dear Lord gave me what my heart desires.

Our journey started Friday the 13th of May, at exactly 9pm we are at Shell Mckinley waiting for the van. At around 9:30pm we leave for Mulito (hehe, tama ba? the one near ATC) to meet the others. 10:20pm time to hit the road again.

At 12am-ish or so, we greeted Carlo, Happy Birthday, what a way to welcome his birthday, a journey with a lot of new found friends.
I lost track of time and fell asleep because of the long steady ride, we had one stop over at Gumaca, Quezon and had a quick taho and a lots of stretching.

At around 1am-ish Carlo was trying to wake me up to witness the Bituka ng Manok road, but I am too sleepy to pay attention to whats happening.

At 4am my butt, legs and arms are feeling numb, and since we are traveling with Gabriel, we need to make sure that he sleeps comfortable by sacrificing ourselves.

At 7:00am, we finally make it to Vinzons port.

photos by: Jona Jarvik Toledo

We had our bathroom break and breakfast at a nearby house/store in the port. I would like to thank Manong (i dunno his name, so please Lord, give my thanks to him), for letting me use their CR because the public bathroom is locked and others are not that very accommodating.

It was already low tide and the boats are having a hard time going in and out of the port.

So we waited and we waited till it rains, good thing it was just a drizzle, I know my Lord won't break my heart. :)

It was already 10:30am when we board the boat, and voila, we got stranded because of low tide, some of my friends even helped pushed the boat. Hehe! Exciting talaga :) Our boat was the smallest that is why it is easier to push.
photo by: Jona Jarvik Toledo

Then the 2hours boat ride begin. As I have mentioned our boat is the smallest and the waves are big. I dunno, but I was not that scared during our boat ride, after experiencing my Bataan scare, the ride feels ok to me. It was our lucky day because the waters was calm pa daw, I mean on it's normal state. And I don't want to experience its abnormalities. :)

Finally at around 1:00pm we reached CALAGUAS! :)

To sum it up:

From Makati - Vinzons: almost 10hours land travel
From Vinzons port - Calaguas: 2hours boat travel

Costing not our actual just based on my chikahan with Kuya's and Ate's

Van: 8500 per day exclusive of Gas and Toll
Boat: Small 6,000 good for 15-20pax; Large 8,500 good for 40pax


  1. tama ba ang intindi ko? calaguas is in camarines? my geography is really poor. hehe.

  2. hi tim! thanks for droppin by! it was indeed an adventure :)

    hi ka bute! yep, camarines norte :)

  3. i remembered the time when we were looking for a toilet. it was just odd that most of them were just hesitant.

  4. yep, me too. Thanks Dom for your assistance. Maybe they just woke up on the wrong side of the bed! :)

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