Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monte Nevoso at Los Baños, Laguna

Once a year, we make it a point to at least have a family outing. And yearly, Laguna has always been our destination. This year is no different, but at least the place that we rented is very nice.

As soon as my Mom confirmed the date, I searched for a nice and budget friendly private pool. Thanks to Sulit.com, I found Monte Nevoso. The picture looks really nice and its kinda big for a 10k rental for 24hrs. The place can accommodate 20-30 pax.

I contacted the resort via text and voila, they replied courteously to tons of my questions.

It is located in Los Baños, Laguna, inside the subdivision Makiling Heights. It is in the opposite side of Splash Mountain and in front of Palm Spring Resort. The road to the resort is kinda steep, as per our drivers assessment, since he have to turn-off the air-conditioning so we can make bwelo.

The resort's amenities, facilities and bedrooms are very nice and clean, well maybe because it was just built last Nov 2010, I really hope they maintain it that way.
Additional points for the resort is that they have no preset time, you can choose your own time.

There are 3 rooms and each room have 2 double decker beds, but they also have extra foams for extra pax. And each room have a CR. They also have a kitchen with stove and refrigerator free for use and a grilling station. There is also a TV Karaoke that you can use.

The other building serves as a lounge area and viewing deck. And the view when you're inside the resort is very relaxing. On one side seats Mt. Makiling, while on the other (up in the view deck) you'll be delighted overlooking the Laguna de Bay and the rest of Metro Manila. 

my trying hard night shot :)

The place is also secure, as there are 2 stay-in caretaker.

It was a wonderful time for us to celebrate our annual outing, Mother's Day and Pacquiao's victory at Monte Nevoso. Our 10k is super worth it :)


  1. oh yes. sometimes just being with the people you love makes every cost worth it. kakatuwa tingnan na lahat masaya.

  2. Hi Dom, yep, tama! Masaya talaga if youre with your love ones and friends :)


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