Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Once upon a Tree Top

I have been to Subic countless times, to go shopping, see the dolphins and tigers. But this time we went to see the Trees and experience the adrenaline rush from up there!

Our voucher from Ensogo includes the Package E Tree Top Adventure, its not the best package pa din. Oh well, you have heard me rant in my last post. So moving on, the package E amounts to 620 per pax, if im not mistaken. Check out their site.

Before purchasing the tickets, you'll have a brief orientation of the activities.

my friends listening closely :)

Our package includes the following rides:

Canopy walk and ride - walking in a suspended steel and man-made bridege, and for the ride you'd be suspended in 35ft chair moving in a super slow motion. Hehe! This is kinda super boring. Well if you are afraid of heights, its a different story.

The Canopy Ride 
View from the top

Superman ride - i like this one, you're in a Superman position and the cables will pull you backward and forward.

Superman climbing the stairs! hihi :)
Tree Drop - the literal meaning of it applies. Hehe. With the harness at your waist you'll be dropped from a 20-30 ft tree. That is a not so intelligent estimate, coz I have no idea how high it is. This is the most thrilling experience for me. I felt my heart stopped for a moment. Im about to shout but before I could do it I am already on the ground. :)

The Tree Drop

Excluded from our package is the Silver Surfer and the Free fall.

For an additional fee of P250.00 we tried the Silver Surfer. This may look easy, but when you're up there, It's a bit scary, my friend Raiza was screaming her guts out. And thanks to her, I really enjoyed this ride. Haha! Its called surfer cause when you're up there the machine will sway you back and forth.

 Yipee! nk-let go ako, while my friend is screaming her guts! hahaha!

 The only ride we have not tried is the Interactive Free Fall.

Since it's a peak season and lots of company are doing their team building at the place. You'll be bombarded by long lines and super lotsa people.

Powerpuffs and Mojo waiting in the line :)
Also, there are no real food inside. They only have the snack bars that caters chips and sodas. But they have local landlines that you can use to ask nearby fastfood/restos that delivers.

The place is nothing but green. Hehe! I wished that they would like develop or design the place more. Like when you are up there doing the rides, you'll see nothing but trees and leaves. I mean why don't they put something interesting like good landscaping, shaping the trees and all. Suggestion lang naman :)

Despite the not so nice start of the day because of our crappy accommodation, I super enjoyed this tree top adventure!

me and my fave shirt :)

Tama! Let's take care of our environment :)


  1. meron na ring treetop sa Pasig---sa may circulo verde.oldo iba parin talaga pag trees yung view tas sa trees din naka angkla yung zipline.:D

  2. ^ ayaw nya sa Pasig kasi polluted daw jan! nangengealam ka! haha

    Subic TreeTop is really good for bonding and team buildings. naway mapunta din kami jan ng team ko! (pag may budget!)

  3. grabe kakalula. mukhang masaya yan lalo kasama mo mga friends mo :) chyng pakisuksok mo ko sa bag mo para matry ko din to hehe

  4. @Anton: sbe nga ng friend ko meron na daw, meron din daw sa eastwood eh, pero mas ok ata sa Subic, fresh air nde polluted! hehe :)

    @Chyng: Hahaha! ang kulet mu, yep, nung ngpunta kme dme corporate outing. Gogogo sa team mu! :)

    @CA: hehe, kala ko nga n-heart attack ako sa Tree Drop eh :) Pero masaya, try niyo din :)

  5. I did the superman together with my sister when we went there. She was screaming supergirl, she said, hehe. Pass ako sa tree drop, though. I just joined the rest in cheering those who dared to try :-)

  6. Hahah! ang kulet, nakita nga nmen si Superman eh :) nk-costume talaga siya while doing the ride!

  7. Hi ka bute! Exciting and heart stopping pa nga eh :)

    Thanks for droppin by :)

  8. Para palang bungy jump ang feel ng tree drop. Di ko yan kaya. May zip line din sa Tagaytay. Maganda ang sceneries don. :)

  9. Hi Lito, yep, parang bungy pero saglit lang siya, before you know nasa lapag ka na :)

  10. Parang nagbungy jump ka na rin sa interactive free-fall. Maghihintay ako kahit mahaba ang pila para lang dito ;)

  11. Hi ka bute! Yep, exciting and heart stopping talaga :)

    Hi Claire, yep, worth the wait naman siya :)


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