Friday, May 6, 2011

The Secret Behind Vouchers

Lots of people are into vouchers right now, amongst the famous are Deal Grocers, Buyanihan, Beeconomic and Ensogo.

So, what's the secret behind these discounted deals?

Before I start narrating my experience, just a caveat, I AM NOT SAYING THEY ARE ALL THE SAME.
 Originally, the title for this post is “Fooled by Ensogo”, but it may be too harsh so I changed it. Plus, can they sue me? Well, let’s see. I have my facts.

My friends found the deal vouchers for Subic stating:

” Only 2470/pax (group of 4) for a Deluxe Room Accommodation with Breakfast and Dinner per night at Subic International Hotel with a Treetop Adventure Package (valued at P19,760) “

Here are the inclusions:

• Enjoy a 2-days/1-night accommodation for four in Subic International Hotel’s Deluxe room, with an Ultimate Adventure package.
• Accommodation and activities included in the package:
• 4 sets of Breakfast
• 4 sets of Dinner
• Welcome Drink upon arrival for 4
• Tree top adventure for 4 persons
• Ultimate adventure for 4 persons
• Canopy Walk for 4 persons
• Tree-drop adventure for 4 persons
• Free use of swimming pool and sauna
• Free use of gym
• All guest rooms are well-appointed and air-conditioned.
• Subic International Hotel is a 4-star business hotel situated at the central business District of Subic Bay Freeport Zone, with an enviable location—about 15 minutes away from the Subic Bay Airport, 5 minutes away from Alava Pier, and 45 minutes away from Clark International Airport.

Studying law during undergrad, I know that advertisement such as this is acceptable, but the actual deal S*CKS! Hahaha! The actual cost NOT the discounted is more or less around 10k.

See my breakdown below: I exaggerated these amounts na.
Overnight accommodation at a crappy deluxe room: 3k+ or just 4,000
Welcome drinks: 100*4 = 400
Breakfast: 300*4 = 1,200
Dinner: 350*4 = 1,400
Tree Top Adventure package E: 620*4 = 2,480
TOTAL : 9,480

So we just basically pay for this amount, no discount or promos at all.

We were not also informed that there are two Subic International Hotel old and new, but okay, let’s not blame our ignorance to them. Of course we were booked at the old one.

The accommodation is sooo bad… take a look at the pictures. The red comforter/bed sheet feels like you are in a casket. The room does not smell good. Who rate this as a 4-star hotel?!

I could do with the room, but my friends can’t. So we asked if we can transfer to the new building. Transferring to the new building will mean upgrading our room which entails additional cost. So we paid, P2.5k for the upgrade in a SUPER MUCH NICER room.

Take a look at the big difference.

This may be the 4 star hotel they are talking about!

We also thought that we can go swimming at night, but NO! Aside from the
pool is only located at the new building but can be used to those who are staying at the old one. The pool only operated from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, can you actually believe that? Hahaha! Wala atang light sa pool so night swimming are not allowed.

The food is ok, but our dinner without drinks was still served at the old hotel. For our breakfast, since we upgrade we also had our breakfast at the new hotel.

Tips to avoid being fooled by vouchers:
1. Scrutinize the inclusions
2. Research and compare for the actual price of the accommodation/tour.
3. Check the picture of the rooms and the tour package activities/inclusions

Since we stayed in the new hotel, we had a great time but the vouchers had been useless. And we just spend more than we should if we just made our reservations on our own in a nice hotel and bought the tour/activity ticket on the actual venue.

Bute nlang I super enjoyed my tree top adventure! :)

Will post it soon! Hirap ng walang laptop! C Gab kc! Argh!


  1. hmmmm! dame na palang website sa Pinas that offers vouchers, Groupon kase has been pretty successful sa US. I thought kaya mura yung my vouchers kase since madamihan yung bibili, makakamura kase parang pakyawan system ang offer nila and they have contact sa company.
    It's good nga to compare prices muna, next time sa hotels combined nlng kau mag compare ng prices merong silang ad sa page ko. haha Biglang nag promote. Good thing you enjoyed your tree top adventure! :)

  2. Hi Gael! Akala ko nga din gnun ung sistema nila, png-maramihan kaya mura. Hehe. An dame tlga, nklimutan ko pa ng mention ung ebay kuponan eh. :)

    Hahaha! Cge next time gamitin nten yang Hotels combined mu :)

  3. I'm sorry your vacation was such a disappointment..

  4. Hi Peachkins! The vouchers are a disappointment! But the adventure/vacation is something else :)

  5. wow!this is an eye opener. we better check the deals first in details and do some research before accepting this. thanks for the info tina!

  6. Now, i will think twice about availing these vouchers.

  7. so far wala pa naman akong bad experience with ensogo, well im not really getting any discount deals that is travel related, duda talaga ako sa mga ganito! mostly resto deals ang trip ko and so far so good naman.

    i had one bad experience with deal grocer though so blacklisted na sa akin ito...

  8. Hi Theo! Tama, mg-research muna talaga dapat, wag mbulag sa offers like we did!

    Hi Claire, just check carefully before you avail one :)

    Hi Shie! Whats your experience with deal grocer? I wanna know, super like ko pa nman promos nila, too pricey nga lang :)

  9. I agree... We shouldn't be impulsive. Argh, those red comforters look hideous! Buti na lang redeeming factor ang Treetop Adventures.

  10. Ganun pala yun, tagal na kong kinukulit ng mga officemates ko na itry ko daw mga ganyan.

  11. Hi Gay! Yep, eyesore tlaga! :)

    Hi Christian! As a cavet nga, I am not saying they are all the same, malay mo, you'll get lucky when you avail one :)

  12. ako din nga. i haven't tried it kasi i usually check the rates kapag DIY trip, at ako na ang kuripot hehe!

    buti nalang nga enjoy ang treetop mo, never been there!

  13. hehe, uu nga eh. Sobrang impulsive kc nmen, kea d na nmen ncheck ung prices. Dapat mging kuripot na din ako, para mk-rame ng travel! :)

  14. Thanks for sharing this post, Tina! Medyo curious lang din kasi ako kung worth it ba talaga na mag-avail sa mga discount coupon sites. Tama, don't be impulsive hehe pero kapag group kasi kayo, parang minsan naiiisip niyo na mas nakakamura pero kapag i-recompute, same lang din pala.

    Also, yung old Subic International Hotel ata yung may moomoo na sabi nila. Not sure ah

  15. Hi Mica! No prob, happy to help! :D

    Oh, yeah! The place really looks old and creepy.

  16. ang chakka ng room.. hehe sorry.
    lesson learned to all of us, check the reviews and rates of other guests before trying it. sayang naman. buti sana kung excellent ang product, eh kung di naman, waste of money..

  17. I agree you do have to check the fine print. i bought a voucher from metrodeal for the lee boutique hotel in tagaytay. Super ok sha infairness! at sulit na sulit!


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