Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Visiting Legazpi on a Gloomy Weather: Daraga Church

Our trip was almost cancelled because of the bad weather. I have already filed my UNPAID leave and was so excited for this trip, and thankfully Chedeng (the super typhoon) had a slight a detour :)

But before I went to the airport, I called Airphil to confirm if the flight is pushing through. It’s ok to ask for your convenience all the time!

Though our trip pushes through there are lots of disappointment and the likes. It was a memorable trip but in a not so good way.

It was a smooth ride going to Legazpi, but as I was expecting the weather was not bright and sunny. The cloudy and gloomy weather hid the beauty of Mayon. Together with my Nikolas, we were so sad not to capture its complete form.

But then, the trip must go on. Our first stop is Daraga Church.

I was actually expecting an old rustic looking church, but the church is undergoing restoration. The front of the church is newly painted but the tower is still untouched.

After saying our prayers, we head to our next stop the Cagsawa Ruins.

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