Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Back-blogs! :D

For the past weekends I am in Dora-Mode, but up to now, I have not yet written anything about it. They said that women who gave birth have short memories because of the anesthesia. Eh, is it true? I am hoping not.

I am not yet finished with my Sorsogon post, all I have is the title. Maybe because I am not so thrilled about it that is why I am too lazy to write about it.

I would also love to share about our free weekend at Tagaytay. Free accommodation at Summit Ridge, free dinner at Josephines and free gas for transpo. Yep, it's all sorta free and aylovet!

I am planning to start my Bohol series too!

Hahaha! All I can is aaaaaaaaaah! But I can still remember a conversation with PTB at FB with regards to backlogs, some say they even have more than year or so! So I am not alone and itchokei lang :)

I dunno why, I am not that busy with work but I have less petiks time now. But since it's Gabs first time to go schooling, I need to focus on him first.
Oh well, I have the entire rainy season to finish it all. Stay tuned guys! :D


  1. Gab goes to school chronicles! I'm looking forward to that tina!!! :) that would be fun!

  2. im also guilty on that. too many backlogs. too little time to post it all.

  3. @nonbeliever: Hahaha! Nice idea! Cge gawan ko yan ng post :D

    @dong: hehe, lalo na guro kaw friend, sa dme ng gala mu :D

  4. @mervin: yey! hindi ako nag-iisa! hahaha :D


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