Friday, July 1, 2011

Bohol Series: Panglao Beach

Since my friends would like to see the beach right away, we ditched our city accommodation, paid for the surcharges and looked for a place in Pangalo. We booked our place at Aros Spa Resort, will tell you more about the place later.

Our accommodation is just a few minutes away from the beach. It's I guess 2-3minutes walk to Dumaluan. I can definitely say that we have a much nicer shore compare to Dumaluan which is btw a much public place/part of the long stretched of Panglao.
I have heard a lot of good reviews about Panglao beach so maybe that is the reason why I was so looking forward in seeing this place. They say its comparable to Boracay.

That is why I felt kinda disappointed after seeing the place. It did not give me the awe that I have been expecting.

I could remember myself saying "yan na ba yun?". Ok, so maybe I have high standards now when it come to beaches after seeing the amazing Calaguas. But each place should be viewed differently to appreciate its beauty right?

It was already 4 in the afternoon and water is beginning to descend. But we are still lucky to see this waters. The place is really good for relaxing and just lounging around the beach. But it is not that attractive during low tide.

I think the beach is perfect for skim boarding but not really for swimming since you are already far from the shore and water is still knee level.

There are numerous beach front resorts from cheap to luxurious type. Along this shore is the famous Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan 1 and 2. And a lot are also offering water activities such as banana boat, helmet diving, jetski and the likes and since we are on tight budget we did not try any of it.
Please check my Bohol Series, TIA :D


  1. what time is it? the beach is beautiful in the morning, pag hapon kasi lowtide na siya but i still appreaciate it because its nature..

  2. Hi Ca, beach is really beautiful. N-appreciate ko pa din sya kahit low tide since madming starfish at kk-ibang creatures.

    The 5th photo is taken early morning. :D

  3. First time kong mapupuntahan to sa August. Sana di maulan nun. :)

  4. Hi Cedric! I hope so too, kc nung ngpunta kme, the weather was abnormal. Super init tas biglang uulan then iinit ulet :D

  5. I agree with you Tina, maganda naman ang Panglao Beach kaya lang kapag napuntahan mo na ang Calaguas o kaya Caramoan parang nagiiba na ang standard mo sa beach di ba :)

  6. May snorkelan po ba jan? Ang magandang beach kasi para sakin ay yung may snorkelan haha =P

  7. HI Claire! Thanks! Uu nga eh, pero n-appreciate ko pa din Panglao, basta beach ok sken :D

    Hi Christian! Sa panglao mismo wala, pero sa Balicasag, super yes! Hahaha! Wait for my post :D

  8. wow! i love the beach at low tide...yan ba ang malapit sa bohol beach club

  9. HI there virgo! Thanks for visiting! Yes malapet siya sa bohol beach club :D

  10. di yata na maintain tong beach front na to. hahaha... based on the pictures, you were somewhere in the northern part of the beach stretch. if you go down south, you'll have finer sand minus the rocks and the sea weeds. pero yun nga, mababaw lang siya kahit high tide. mag lakad kapa ng mga 30 meters from the shore para fully submerged ka hahaha... pero ang maganda dun, pag high tide, parang swimming pool ang dating. parang ganito:

  11. Hindi pa ako nakakapag-Bohol :| Lagi fail attempts ko hehe pero i heard good reviews about Panglao din. Baka dapat morning pa lang andyan na ako kung sakali. :D

  12. Hi fetus, d na nga siguro na-maintain. Pero Dumaluan yang nasa pix, mas ok pa nga ung side ng pngstayan namin, sa me white and greens. :D

    Hi Mica, bohol is a lovely place. You should visit it soon :D

  13. You should visit Alona Beach it seems more nicer than Dumaluan Beach that you've visited. Check my story here...

  14. Hi Ian, thanks! I am actually intrigued to see Alona beach but due time and budget constraints d namin to n-visit! :D


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