Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bohol Series: The rest of the Country Side Tour

For the rest of our countryside tour we had a quick stop-over at the Man Made Forest. We already passed by here on our way to Chocolate Hills.


The tall mahogany trees are beautifully stretched in the town of Bilar and Loboc. But you have to be wary of approaching cars while doing your photo-ops here.

op cors, the buwis buhay jumpshots :)

Next stop is the Hanging Bridge, also in Loboc, i think, not sure though. There is a Php10 entrance fee for crossing the bridge. The suspended bridge is made up of bamboo with steel handrails. It was still drizzling when we visit the bridge, so the walk towards the other end is very slippery.


What to expect at the end? Lots of souvenir shops quite expensive though and there is also a community living here.

there is ingress and egress point for the bridge

I felt dizzy on our way back, maybe because of the intricate pattern of the bamboos. So I suggest you don't look down while walking.

We also visit Prony the phyton, but he was sleeping. It was actually a waste of P10. :D

 Lastly, we dropped by at the Blood compact site. One of the most remarkable event in the Philippine history is the treaty between Spaniards and Filipinos. This site is made in honor of that event.
How can you identify Datu Sikatuna and the other Filipinos? According to Kuya Jun, check their noses. Hahaha!

The countryside tour of Bohol should not be missed, because it showcase Bohol's history and culture.

This is also part of My Bohol Series :) Click away :)


  1. Hello. It's my first time on this blog. Looking at the photos, how I miss my pals in college. You all look to have enjoyed it all. These are refreshing photos.

  2. Hi! We really had a great time! Thanks for visiting :D

  3. yang blood compact shrine po sa tagbilaran di po yan ang totoong pinangyarihan ng famous blood compact between Datu Si Katuna and Miguel Lopez de Legazpi. dahil sa politika, they didn't correct this... :)


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