Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sorsogon: Barrio Living For a While

Hello Sorsogon!

After our Albay tour, we head on to my officemates town at Barangay Calateo, Juban, Sorsogon. It is more or less 3 hours from Legazpi.

Welcome to Barangay Calateo

We have a service van, so I dunno how to commute going here. But say my officemate you have to ride a van from Legazpi terminal then jeepneey and then tricycle. It was actually a long drive going here. And you also have to be early because there is a limited time for transportation.

The road going inside the town was very narrow, only one car can fit. So every time there is an incoming vehicle you really have to compromise.

The Narrow Road

To go deeper into town we have to transfer to a tricycle and leave the van behind because it could not go through in the bridge which can only fit one tricycle. As in only ONE TRICYCLE! Check out the pix.

The Narrow Bridge

the slight distance between my leg and the bridge while riding tricylce
There are still undeveloped road. My officemate say that the smooth roads are sponsored by policticians. It's just a sad thought that the town/municipal do not have budget for this.

The Rough Road

The barrio have electricity but there are some people who opt not to have one because they cannot afford to pay for it.

The Kubo
There is a perya (carnival), bayle (disco) and coronation night to celebrate the eve of the fiesta.

The Little Princesses

Even the Lolo's and Lola's hit it off during the night! It was really a nice experience seeing the oldies groove to the tune of ChaCha and other songs that became famous way back before I was born :)

I enjoyed my stay here because it was lively, people will be greeting you with a welcoming smile and they are really very accommodating and the food was just superb. But this is not an ordinary day for them, they are really prepared for the fiesta.

I love the simplicity of their lives and what they like here. They also say that there are a lot of Nice People Around here.

Our accommodation

The Wall

A glimpse of Mt. Bulusan

The place kept me thinking for a while if I can live in such place. Considering the rough road, limited mode of transportation, no malls, crappy signal and no noise. I don't know, maybe I can for a week. :)


  1. I too probably won't be able to last in a rural area for an extended period unlike before. But it's great to have a change of scene from time to time. :)

  2. Wow ang saya ng ganyang experience!!!

    At narrow talaga kung narrow ang daan. Love it. :D

  3. whoa! baryo living. ang tagal ko na ata di nagagawa to. kakatuwa naman.

    di ko pa nakikita ang mt bulusan. di ko pa nararating itong lugar.

  4. I miss perya....the perya version sa province mas masaya:) tapos pag morning sobrang lamig:)

  5. ang kulet lang ng bridge. napaka-discriminating sa me kotse.tricycle lang ang gustong padaanin.lols.

    gusto ko ng ganyang setup--dirt road tas me putik putik tas me sayawan dahil sa kasalan.namiss ko bigla baryo ko.awts

  6. wow...parang tahimik talaga jan sa calateo. perfect pag gusto mo mag unwind. pero i dont think makakatagal ako jan if i were to live there for good...siguro gaya mo eh mga one week din ako makakasurvive. ang ganda nung view mo sa mt. bulusan parang ang sarap akyatin ang bundok na yun!

  7. woow ms ko na bayan kung sinilangan dyan sa calateo likod ng elementary skool yan ung house namin malawak miss ko na tlaga dyan 12 years na ako d nakakapunta dyan

  8. sana makauwi ako ulit dyan sa calateo na miss ko na mga kababata ko john marte espera


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